Bonnie: In five minutes, I'll have you as sober as I am.

[stumbles into clothes rack, knocking it over]

Bonnie: I was kissed by a Spaniard once... now look at me!

Carlie Seymour: Oh, Terry! Say, do you want to go to that funny little chop suey joint out of town, near abouts?

Eddie Rock: Say, where's Terry? Did you lose him in that chop suey joint?

Carlie Seymour: Oh, I guess he couldn't find the place. He'll maybe wind up in some chink laundry lookin' for me.

Eddie Rock: Well, I hope you're satisfied.


Eddie Rock: You haven't made it very tough for me. Now I've got to wire the home office and get a new leading lady. And I hope she isn't a blonde.

Carlie Seymour: You're too good hearted. If you want a woman to stick by ya - to be crazy about ya - be indifferent to her. Don't show her too much affection.

Terry Fay: Carlie, that's a great idea. The next woman I fall in love with, I'm gonna - pop her - right on the nose. That's what I'm gonna do.

Don Cordova: Same old Daph.

Daphne Wayne: Oh, same old Don. Still making love to every girl that you meet?

Don Cordova: Oh, no. I miss one - occasionally.

Eddie Rock: Now, you two are absolutely crazy about each other - almost to the ga-ga point.

Eddie Rock: Now, in the second act, Terry goes into the army and follows you to France. And Carlie, here, loves Terry so much, that she follows him disguised as a donut. I mean, a doughboy.

Daphne Wayne: I'll give Terry more air than Lindbergh needed to fly to Paris.

Terry Fay: I've got you to think about. We've been partners too long. Battling through the small time, through the tough audiences, cheap theaters, playing a million benefits, living in left-handed boarding houses - until finally we built ourselves into a stand-up two act and, now, some smart-cracking dame has come along and tried to kid somebody. And split us up! I-I ought to pop her on the nose!

Terry Fay: Why, I don't know whether its the light or the climate or what it is? But, you look like a little school girl sitting there.

Terry Fay: I'd be like a boat without a rudder without you.

Carlie Seymour: Somebody put me on a merry-go-round and forgot to take me off. Whoopee!

Carlie Seymour: You haven't got the backbone of a jellyfish!

Carlie Seymour: Say, I've been through this so much with him, don't you think I'd better go in and talk to him - huh?

Eddie Rock: Well, all right. If you wanna play Little Daniel in the lion's den, go ahead. But if he bites you, don't blame me.