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  • This is another film whose state is unknown, it is not available, thus I cannot rate it. It starred Marie Dressler, Polly Moran, and Anita Page, and if you've seen their other film collaborations, it sounds intriguing, but there is some confusion related to this film. It was reported that the author of a Marie Dressler biography could only listen to the soundtrack - that he could not find any video. The title was remade in 1936 as "Doughnuts and Society" and that film is currently in the public domain if you want to get an idea of the plot.

    The Warner Archive reported in 2011 via Facebook - "There is no rights issue on CAUGHT SHORT. The issue was that there was thought to be no surviving sound track. The key word being 'was', as we have now located an audio source, although there may be quality issues. " Well, 2011 was a long time ago and still nothing on Caught Short. The Vitaphone Project reported almost 20 years ago that an aging collector in San Francisco had a stack of old film soundtracks and that included the one of "Caught Short".

    The really weird part of all of this? There is a fellow who keeps a running list of everything that has ever aired on Turner Classic Movies since its inception in April 1994, and he admits that the list is not perfect or 100% complete, but wow is it a great tool. That composite list has Caught Short airing two times on TCM - in February and November of 1995. Maybe it was scheduled and never shown. At any rate, the plot thickens.