In the 1938 remake, Edward Everett Horton plays the same role (Nick Potter) as he does in this version.

Katharine Hepburn understudied Hope Williams as Linda Seton in the original stage production and would play the character on screen in the 1938 remake directed by George Cukor.

Monroe Owsley, who plays Ned, is the only member of the play's original Broadway cast to repeat his role on film.

Made in the transition of fashion between 1929 and 1930. Look closely and you'll notice hemlines and waist lines on various women's costumes vary from the short skirted drop waist of the 20's to the high belted longer skirts of the 30's.

Included in the Criterion Collection release of Holiday (1938), spine #1009.

The Broadway production of "Holiday" by Philip Barry opened at the Plymouth Theatre on November 26, 1928 and ran for 229 performances.

Remade in 1938 with Katharine Hepburn as Linda Seton, and Cary Grant as Johnny Case.

Features Ann Harding's only Oscar nominated performance.