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  • Bebe Daniels returns from a trip to discover that husband Kenneth Thomson has passed her absence in the company of Olive Tell. Miss Tell runs a home where bored wives may gamble, and bored husbands may gamble and gambol with Miss Tell. Bebe leaves her husband, and goes to work for Miss Tell. Miss Tell explains that it is her job to enchant every man except for her fiance, Lowell Sherman. The first thing Bebe does is to remove her husband's marker from the packet for Miss Tell's bank, marked for collection. The second it to work on Mr. Sherman who, it turns out, has an interesting line of work.

    It's based on a stage show, where, it was hoped, important things are said wittily. Unfortunately the director, who is also Mr. Sherman, directs his actors in a very stagey fashion on a two-set stage. Director J. Roy Hunt tries to open up the effects with some camera movement, but the effect is not truly effective. The only actor who comes off particularly well is Mr. Sherman, who gets to comment on the action in a tipsy manner..
  • rodman-222 January 2006
    this is a pretty good movie with pretty good acting considering it's a b movie for the most part i new i was going to like it because one of the actors in this always does a fine job of acting and making you believe he is the character he's playing made in 1930 it's one of the early talkies and one of the better jobs of casting for a film just really learning to cast for a movie where there will be talking i can never tell what city the early movies take place in but i think that this one is set in new york though most of this movie takes place inside different homes there's not much outside action so you can get a guage on what city this is but it's still one that i would highly recommend.