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  • ...with the sun bathing the city, and marking the rhythm of its citizens, from the lowest, harsh menial workers to the middle class professions which were emerging between the two World Wars.

    The film chronicles a day in the life of Lisbon, from dawn to dusk, and social episodes from birth to death... The episodes vary from the dramatic to the humoristic, and many feature scenes or city places that are not easily seen. One extended segment deals with the Lisbon dockyards, and the sailors work aboard the corvette ship 'Sagres'.

    Though Portuguese are a peaceful people, the director did not omit from his detailed account of daily events a prize fight in a back alley between two men for the entertainment and illegal betting of others, and a shouting abuse, hair-pulling cat-fight between two fisher-wives - a profession that no longer exists but that fitted the need to bring fresh fish to be sold across town, from door-to-door.