Leading man Gavin Gordon was hit by another vehicle while driving his car to the set the first day of shooting. He was flung onto the pavement and fractured a collarbone, as well as dislocating his shoulder. Gordon was determined to play alongside Greta Garbo and feared his part might be recast if he went to the hospital, therefore proceeding to the set in spite of great pain. He managed to get through the first scene, whereupon he fainted. Garbo visited his bedside at the hospital and told him, production would wait for him. Director Clarence Brown therefore had to shoot all the scenes first in which Gordon didn't appear.

Previously produced as the silent film Romance (1920) starring Doris Keane, who had originated the role of Rita Cavallini in the stage play.

Greta Garbo originally wanted Gary Cooper as her leading man in "Romance". In the end, however, MGM could not borrow Cooper from Paramount, so Garbo settled for the unknown Gavin Gordon. Cooper would come to MGM two years later for the Joan Crawford vehicle Today We Live (1933).

The original play opened in New York on 10 February 1913.

Adapted from a Broadway play by Edward Sheldon. The original stage production of "Romance" starred Doris Keane as Rita Cavallini; it opened at Maxine Elliott's Theatre in New York on Feb. 10, 1913 and ran for 160 performances.

Favorite film of writer-comedian-director Carl Reiner.

This is repeat because I forgot to check spoilers until too late: In the first scene of Van Tuyl coming to see Rita about not getting involved with Tom, she is wearing a dress with a collar and a bow at the lowest point of the neckline. She turns her back to the camera and walks to the fireplace. When she turns back to the camera, the left hand side of her collar has moved to cover the bow. Later in the scene, it has been put back in place.