Dixie Dugan: [backstage, after the show has flopped] You could have sent the audience home in a taxi.

Dixie Dugan: Say, I've heard plenty about that Buelow. He's a big shot. I've seen out front of our show several times. You know, I read somewhere he gets five thousand a week.

Jimmie Doyle: Five thousand what? Cigar coupons?

Dixie Dugan: If you had his power and his bankroll...

Jimmie Doyle: Yes, I know the type, the minute he meets a girl he starts feeling her ribs and talking about a screen test.

Bill - NIghtclub Emcee: And now, customers, I have the pleasure to present Miss DIxie Dugan - Brooklyn girl who came to the City and made good.

Frank Buelow - The Director: Miss Dugan, have you ever thought of going into pictures?

Dixie Dugan: You mean the galloping snapshots?

Frank Buelow - The Director: Yes. You know, Hollywood needs fresh, new personalities.

Dixie Dugan: Oh, I'd just love to be out there amongst those cowboys and those Indians.

Frank Buelow - The Director: Well, I'm the fellow who can put you there.

Frank Buelow - The Director: I also have the privilege of selecting my own cast, too. I make these trips each week to discover new talent.

Dixie Dugan: Well, you're one up on Columbus, right now, you've discovered me.

Jimmie Doyle: What was that mug trying to sell you?

Dixie Dugan: I'm going to Hollywood to be a picture star. Mr. Buelow can fix it up for me in a big way with sound effects!

Jimmie Doyle: Now, get this Dixie Dugan, you let this big wind storm kid you into going to Hollywood, you and I are all washed up! And I'll never, never speak to you again.

Dixie Dugan: But, I'll be speaking to you - and all the rest of the world, over the Vitaphone.

Dixie Dugan: Hello, there. I'm Miss Dixie Dugan. I'm going to be on a contract with the studio.

Reception Clerk: Who isn't.

Dixie Dugan: I've come all the way out from New York.

Reception Clerk: Who hasn't.

Dixie Dugan: I wanna see the boss.

Reception Clerk: Who doesn't.

Dixie Dugan: I can't go back and tell 'em I flopped before I started.

Donna Harris: Listen, Dixie, they've got one thing I haven't: youth. Young necks, young legs and young eyes and slim, soft young bodies. And when it comes to those things, you can't fool the camera.

Dixie Dugan: What's this old stuff? You're still young.

Donna Harris: I'm 32 and in this business when you're over 32 you're older than those hills out there.

Dixie Dugan: Hollywood can't really be like that.

Donna Harris: Remember: this is all a land of make believe. Everybody is making believe to everybody else.

Dixie Dugan: You're a peach, Mr. Buelow.

Frank Buelow - The Director: Oh, now, now, now, you mustn't call me Mr. Buelow. Call me Daddy.

Frank Buelow - The Director: I'll arrange a nice little dinner tonight up at my place in the Hills.

Dixie Dugan: Oh, a Hollywood party?

Frank Buelow - The Director: Well, sort of a party. Just two people who are interested in each others future. I'll have the contract there, waiting for your signature.

Frank Buelow - The Director: Bing, you telephone all gatemen, if they ever let that dame in this studio again, I'm going to make trouble for them.

Sam Otis - The Producer: I should have fired him before I hired him.

Dixie Dugan: I give up. I guess I'll get a job at a factory where they make little straw hats for horses.

Dixie Dugan: Why didn't you wire me? I've had such a toothache in my heart.

Dixie Dugan: How was I?

Kramer - the Director: All right.

Dixie Dugan: All right? I thought it was swell.

Kramer - the Director: Now, save your energy for the hysterics.

Dixie Dugan: What's wrong with you, Shakespeare?

Jimmie Doyle: I do know your work better than anybody else and you're not giving us your old sparkle.

Dixie Dugan: Sparkle, your grandma! What do you think this is? The Fourth of July?

Sam Otis - The Producer: Where's Dixie?

Jimmie Doyle: She went over to the Montmartre for lunch. We're expecting her back any minute now, Mr. Otis.

Sam Otis - The Producer: Montmartre? Has she gone Hollywood?

Jimmie Doyle: Good evening friends in Radioland. Really, this has all been so wonderful tonight. And I'm so nervous that, really, the palms of my hands just feel like Niagara Falls.

Dixie Dugan: I gotta finish dressing. I'm going to a party and grab some laughs.

Jimmie Doyle: Don't kid yourself, honey. Motion Picture Producers are businessmen. Making moving pictures is their business. Not arguing with temperamental dames.