Originally, the last ten minute reel, 832 feet in length, was in 2-color Technicolor, but it only presently survives in black-and-white.

In September 1928, Warner Bros. Pictures purchased a majority interest in First National Pictures and from that point on, all "First National" productions were actually made under Warner Bros. control, even though the two companies continued to retain separate identities until the mid-1930's, after which time "A Warner Bros.-First National Picture" was often used.In

In a separately filmed trailer, Vitaphone production reel #3721, Alice White speaks to the audience about the picture.

"Vitaphoning", i.e. filming and recording using the Vitaphone system, is pictured on screen, as part of the action.

Alice White and Blanche Sweet starred in a radio adaptation over the CBS network on 24 May 1930.

This was the second time Alice White had starred as Dixie Dugan. She had also starred as Dixie in Show Girl (1928), a silent film released with a Vitaphone music track.

Vitaphone production reels #3961-3969.

Al Jolson: At the premiere.

Ruby Keeler: At the premiere.

Loretta Young: At the premiere.

Noah Beery Jr.: Talks over the radio at the premiere.