Alison Corning: Interested in the scenery?

John Hawks: You always do what you want, don't you?

Alison Corning: I always know what I want - and usually get it.

Alison Corning: If you've nothing better to do, a few of us are going to spend the weekend on our yacht.

John Hawks: Well, thanks, but - I'm all dated up for the weekend.

Alison Corning: Well, if you should change your mind, we'll be glad to have you.

Alison Corning: I'll smartin' him up - Stevie.

Stephen Corning: Will you please stop calling me Stevie! I'm your father.

Alison Corning: Well, don't blame me.

Alison Corning: I'm going abroad Tuesday - to be gone a year. Do you want to stay down here with me tomorrow?

John Hawks: Well, I don't think I'd better.

Alison Corning: Afraid of me?

John Hawks: No! - Do you do this often?

Alison Corning: Maybe.

Alison Corning: I suppose you don't want to go back West with any cold and lovely heiress complex to come between you and your corn-fed girls.

Alison Corning: Your he-man, son-of-the-West novelty stuff is a bit tricky. Nope. I don't think I'd care for it.

Alison Corning: My, but it's chilly.

John Hawks: Well, it you'd pull that what's-it's around you, a little closer.

John Hawks: Oh, Miss Corning, I'd like to thank you for the weekend.

Alison Corning: Oh, no, not at all. On the whole, I think I should thank you - for not making love to me.

John Hawks: Why, I never thought of such a thing.

Alison Corning: You wouldn't, my dear. Well - this is goodbye. Goodbye from the cold and lovely heiress.

[Grabs Hawks and gives him a big kiss]

Stephen Corning: Honor? What has honor to do with it? This is Wall Street! We fight for an existence here. I'm afraid you haven't the stuff in you to make good. It takes nerve!

Stephen Corning: You've no right to think! You're paid to sell our stock. When you don't sell it, we don't pay you. Understand?

Alison Corning: Will you have cream or lemon?

John Hawks: Nothing, thanks. I'll have a cigarette, if you don't mind.

Alison Corning: My, but the city has changed you.

Alison Corning: You know, I've been meaning to get a hold of you for ever so long.

John Hawks: Really? Well, you're just in time. I'm leaving town tomorrow.

Alison Corning: Vacation?

John Hawks: Quite a long one - I've been fired.

Alison Corning: My dear boy, Wall Street isn't a football field.

Alison Corning: And to think, I wasted a perfectly good kiss on you.

Big John: If you butt into our game on your own, you're liable to be snuffin' a lily, get me?

'Chub' Hopping: [Drunkenly after being chased by two girls] Oh, I wish they'd add a nineteenth amendment, makng it closed season on manhunting!

Sophie: Keep your paws off me, Fish Face!

Alison Corning: What a he-man you turned out to be.

Slim: Look out for this Fish Face, he's no sucker! If he pulls anything or gets you in a jam, you gotta out smart him. Make love to him! Let him think you're crazy about him. He'll be easy for you after that.

Sophie: I gotcha.

Fish Face: You know, bein' a dead moll ain't gonna help Slim none.

Fish Face: Oh, don't cry Peaches, it'll spoil your looks. And that dumb egg ain't worth it.

Fish Face: Oh, I'm crazy about you lovely.

Sophie: And I'm nuts over you white man!

Fish Face: [after kissing Sophie] You better move fast, Pepper Mama. Or I won't let ya get outta that door.

Big John: You dirty rat!

John Hawks: Tell that charming daughter of yours, that three Presidents were born in my State. That proves they're not all yaps where I come from.