Bob: You know I'm very much in love with you, don't you?

Bonnie: Are you?

Bob: I'm crazy about you, and you know it.

Bonnie: I didn't know.

Bob: Well, you know it now. What about it?

Bonnie: That's it... what?

Bob: Going to make me stand on ceremony?

Bonnie: You think I'm so old-fashioned?

Bob: I hope not.

Bonnie: You're right. I'm not. I believe in... in trying love out.

Bob: On approval?

Bonnie: Yes, on approval.

[they kiss as the scene fades out]

Bonnie: I know, the auction's in full wing... going, going, gawn.

Rodney: It's a tough break being left stranded like this. Why, we're paupers!

Bonnie: [laughs] Well, there's no use crying about it. Buck up! Put on your spurs and gauntlets and give the world a battle.

Bonnie: [she gently, playfully punches his chin] Swat 'em in the eye.

Rodney: Yeah? Just how?

Bonnie: Go to work. I'm not afraid.

Rodney: [sarcastically] You? Why, what could you do? Open up a tea shoppie? "Bonnie Jordan's orange pekoe blend." Go to it.

Stanley Jordan: [after his daughter Bonnie stayed underwater a long time while swimming, causing everyone to get worried] Oh, you little minx! Sometimes I'm sorry you're too old to spank!

Jake Luva: [obviously taken with Bonnie] You got me going, sister.

Bonnie: Can I depend on it?

Jake Luva: In a big way.

Stanley Jordan: Must you smoke before breakfast?

Bonnie: Well, I must if I want to keep thin, darling.

Bert Scranton: [advising Bonnie on being a reporter] You'll learn, kid. Clearness, condensation. Where, what, when, and why... that's the idea. Say, don't let those guys on the copy desk bother ya. They're just a lot of butchers at heart. Why, you know what they'd do if they got a chance?

Bonnie: What?

Bert Scranton: They'd cut the Lord's Prayer down to a one line squib. You know, "now I lay me down to sleep."

[Bonnie laughs]

Jake Luva: [to Rodney] Now, listen, kid. Money talks. But remember, in this business, it's the only thing that talks.

Bob: [Bonnie pulls away after Bob kisses her] What's the matter? You've kissed me before, haven't you?

Bonnie: Yes, but that wasn't a permanent arrangement, was it?

Bob: Aren't you being clever?

Bonnie: And aren't you being vague as usual?

Bob: All right, if that's what you want, I'll set you up in a real establishment anytime you like. You don't have to make your living off of Jake Luva, dancing in his nightclub. I can do much better for you than that. Now, is that less vague?

Bonnie: That's very clear. Now we understand each other. I'm a cheap little dancer in a night club, and you thought you could have me on your own terms. Well, you're mistaken! I can still pick my own men, Mr. Townsend, and right now it's Jake Luva.

Bonnie: [to Bob] No, don't touch me. That's all over with. Nice of you to be so generous, but I must be going. I have a heavy date tonight.

Bonnie: [pausing at the door as she's leaving] I'm hitting the pace now, and I like it!