Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    On Walpurgisnacht, Renfield [Pablo Álvarez Rubio] goes to Borgo Pass where he is met by Drácula's coach. The next day, Renfield and Drácula [Carlos Villarías] take 'the Vesta' to England. Ship arrives in Whitby harbor in a storm, captain lashed to boat, everyone dead, Renfield mad. Renfield is taken to Dr. Seward's [José Soriano Viosca] sanitarium near London. Dracula goes to a play where he is introduced to Dr. Seward, daughter Eva [Lupita Tovar], Lucía Weston [Carmen Guerrero], and Juan Harker [Barry Norton]. Drácula announces he has taken Carfax Abbey which adjoins the Sanitarium. That evening, Lucía dies of blood loss. In Switzerland, Professor Van Helsing [Eduardo Arozamena] analyses Renfield's blood, announces him a living vampire, and comes to England. In the meantime, Drácula has been feasting on Eva. Drácula visits the Seward home one day, and Van Helsing notes no reflection in mirror. While Van Helsing, Seward, and Harker discuss vampires, Drácula summons Eva outside. She is found, seemingly dead, on the lawn.

    A lady in white is reported by children in park. Eva admits that she has seen Lucía. Eva goes to bed wearing aconite (wolfbane) while Renfield talks to Van Helsing, Harker and Seward about Drácula. Drácula comes into the house, tells Van Helsing to return to his own country and that his blood now flows through Eva's veins. Harker rushes to Eva's room and finds her awake, dressed and on terrace. She is 'changed'. She attempts to bite him but Harker is saved by Van Helsing. Near dawn, Drácula comes to sleeping Eva and carries her off to the Abbey. Renfield escapes to abbey; Van Helsing and Harker follow. Drácula kills Renfield, and attempts to finish off Eva. Van Helsing and Harker find Drácula's coffin; Van Helsing stakes him. Eva is released from his hold. Drácula is dead. [Original synopsis by bj_kuehl]