Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: You don't own me. Nobody does. My life belongs to me.

Al Manning: You'll make one fine mess of it.

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: It'll still belong to me.

Marian's mother: Don't, Marian, you frighten me when you talk like that.

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: If I were a man it wouldn't frighten you! You'd think it was right for me to go out and get anything I could out of life, and use anything I had to get it. Why should men be so different? All they've got are their brains and they're not afraid to use them. Well neither am I!

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: Regret? I left school when I was only 12... never learned how to spell "regret."

Wally: you'd better listen. There's only one way for a girl to get along in this town, and that's with a man - a rich man to help her, but she must keep a cool head. When you meet a man, never look him in the eye.

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: No?

Wally: No. Take a peek at the pocket book.

[She glances at his right pocket]

Wally: . No, wrong number. And one other thing before you go' Find out all you can about them and never tell them anuthing. Men like to think they're Christopher Columbus discovering America.

Mark Whitney: [to Marian] I like women who know what they want. Sometimes I can help them get it.

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: Well, I just thought you could give me some advice.

Wally: The East River is full of girls who took advice from men like me.

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: When a woman sings with the heart, the language is unimportant.

Wally: [From the train] Have a drink?

[Marian begins to leave]

Wally: Aw, don't go away. Looking out? Wrong Way! Get in and look out.

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: [There is a gate blocking access to the train steps] Get in where? Oh, here?

Wally: Oh, anywhere... just in. Only rwo kinds of people... the ones in and the ones out.

Travers: Careful, Mark, she's only after our money.

Mark Whitney: Are you?

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: ...Yes.

Mark Whitney: Honest, aren't you?

Mark Whitney: You wouldn't want me to lie to you, wouldn't you?

Mark Whitney: That's almost the only thing I could never forgive you.

Mark Whitney: Men who can be bought and sold have no claim on Mark Whitney.

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: Oh, Mark, I feel as if I was walking on the edge of a precipice.

[to Marian, after looking Mark over]

Vernice LaVerne: You certainly picked yourself a swell sugar-daddy! Is this your place or his?

[to Marian, after being introduced to von Bergen, Lavell, and Martini]

Vernice LaVerne: Say, what is this? Ellis Island?

Al Manning: Say, I'm the best concrete worker they've got. Say, when I talk to cement, it stands up and takes off its hat!

Marian Martin, aka Mrs. Moreland: Yeah, and you're still in overalls.