Emma Jones: The trouble with a bath is by the time you're through you're just as hot!

Emma Jones: Aw, men are all alike. They're all easy enough to get along with so long as everything goes the way they want it to, but once it don't, good night.

Mrs. Anna Maurrant: I think the trouble is that people don't want to make allowances. They don't seem to realize that everybody wants a kind word now and... then.

Mrs. Anna Maurrant: I often think it's a shame that people don't seem able to live together in peace and quiet without making each other miserable.

Mr. Frank Maurrant: Some baby of a day.

Mrs. Anna Maurrant: Everything's well at work, Frank?

Mr. Frank Maurrant: I'll say I've been working. Dress rehearsin' since 12:00 with lights in this weather. Tomorrow I gotta go to Stanford for the trial.

Mrs. Anna Maurrant: Oh, you're going to Stanford tomorrow?

Mr. Frank Maurrant: Sure, the whole crew's goin'. Why, what about it?

Mrs. Anna Maurrant: Nothing.

Emma Jones: What them foreigners don't know about bringin' up a baby would fill a book.

Mr. Frank Maurrant: What I want's a good wash. I been sweatin' like a horse all day.

Emma Jones: Well, what I say is, you get married for better or for worse. And if it turns out for the worse, well, all you can do is make the best of it.

Emma Jones: I know all about that stuff, teachin' kids there ain't no God, and their grandfathers was monkeys!

Emma Jones: Between you and I, I don't think her mother's long for this world.

Mrs. Anna Maurrant: Poor Miss Cushing. She's just spent her whole life looking after her mother.

Emma Jones: Well, I hope to tell ya', after all I've done for my kids, I expect 'em to look after me in my old age.

Mrs. Anna Maurrant: Oh, I don't know. It seems to me a person ought to get more out of life than just looking after somebody else.

Mr. Frank Maurrant: We don't want no foreigners comin' in, tellin' us how to run things.

Marguerite 'Greta' Fiorentino: Nothing wrong to be a foreigner - very good people are foreigners!

Abe Kaplan: How can we call ourselves "civilized" when we see that sex jealousy has the power to awaken in us the primitive passions of the savage?