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  • Hitchcoc5 December 2018
    Bimbo works at a lumber camp. The whole film involves efforts to cut down trees and all the pitfalls that are involved with that. The biggest ax is carried by a mouse and the biggest lumberjack is a seal who must be fed fish every few moments. All in all, it was fairly dull. The tornado at the end added a little spice.
  • Despite the fact that, at the time of the release of this cartoon, the Fleischers had been releasing sound cartoons for five years -- indeed, they had produced their first, using the Case Sound System in 1924 -- there is little in the way of voice work here and certainly nothing in the way of dialogue.

    What this Bimbo cartoon is, in fact, is a series of blackout gags organized around a lumber camp. There are the usual Fleischer gags based on various characters, including one clearly effeminate character -- Dave Fleischer liked to keep up a steady stream of jokes and if some missed, the audience was still laughing anyway. The whole thing ends with a big finish -- a twister comes along accompanied by the William Tell Overture.

    There's lots of amusement in this one for fans of the genre.