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  • In between his appearance with the Rhythm Boys in The King Of Jazz and his contract with Paramount for feature films, Bing Crosby did a series of short comedies for Mack Sennett. Billboard Girl is one of them and its almost a dress rehearsal for one of Crosby's early feature films, Going Hollywood. If you remember in that one Marian Davies is the lovesick French teacher who falls in love with radio crooner Bing.

    Except that in Billboard Girl, Bing has the Davies part. He's a lovesick magazine salesman who falls for college coed Marjorie Kane. He locates her and tries to phone but gets her practical joking brother James Eagles instead. Stewart and his fraternity pals think it would be a real hoot for Bing to meet up with Eagles in drag.

    But when he does meet Marjorie you know she's going to fall for Bing the minute a few golden notes emerge. In this case Crosby sings For You and We're You Sincere. Bing never recorded For You on record, but his Brunswick recording of We're You Sincere is a favorite among collectors of Crosbyana.

    With sidekick Dick Stewart Bing has a few good comic moments a mere hint of what was to come when he'd team up with Bob Hope several years later. Billboard Girl is typical of the work Crosby did with Mack Sennett in this step up to super stardom.
  • georgeeliot26 March 2002
    Bing is a magazine salesman on the road who falls in love with a college girl who is featured on billboards. Bing writes her letters, which are answered by her nelly brother. When Bing arrives at the college town, expecting a hot romance, the girl doesn't know him. The nelly brother than arranges a date with Bing. He is dressed in drag by his fraternity brothers, down to undies and stockings. The billboard girl witnesses Bing's impassioned wooing of her brother and wants it for herself. She takes her brother's place, myopic Bing being none the wiser, and swoons when Bing sings to her. Bing convinces the girl to elope with him. Her father objects. A wild Mack Sennett chase ensues. Bing wins out. The brother will have to seek love elsewhere. One of the best of the Bing-Sennett two reelers.