[first lines]

Train Engineer: [in the cab of the train, looking at his pocket watch] Twelve o'clock. Four hours ago we were in Los Angeles. Ah, nothing ever happens on this trip.

Jimmy: [Flaunting a copy of The Morning Gazette with the headline KILLER DELMAR ESCAPES!] How d'ya like my scoop?

Newsstand girl: [uninterested] Awright.

Jimmy: Alright? Say listen, when I get news it's so hot they have to print it on asbestos.

Newsstand girl: Say, don't you ever stop patting yourself on the back?

Jimmy: Sure, when I'm sunburnt. Listen honey, how would you like to have dinner with the best reporter in town?

Newsstand girl: I'd love it. Where is he?

Jimmy: Well, you're looking right at him. Jimmy Hawley in person, not a picture.

Newsstand girl: Aw, you newsguys are all alike. Last time I had a date with one he left me flat while he was out chasin' police cars.

Jimmy: Oh, not me, honey. My day's work is done when I punch the clock. Now first I'll take you to dinner, then to a picture show. Whaddya say?

Newsstand girl: No.

Jimmy: Aw, come off. Can't ya see that nice thick, juicy steak smothered in onions and mushrooms, french fried potatoes, coffee, apple pie a la mode...

Newsstand girl: Ya got me boy. But the only reason I'm goin' is 'cause I'm hungry. When do we eat?

Jimmy: Right now. Get your hat.

Newsstand girl: Watch it for me, will ya Pearl? I got a supper.

Police dispatcher: [sirens are heard] ... Los Angeles Police Department calling cars, attention please... Cars 15, 16, 17, 18, go to Union Station. Pick up officers on your way. Killer Delmar reported in vicinity.

Cop in car: ...Step on it!

[More police chatter]

Jimmy: [Jimmy jumps on the running board of a police car] Delmar, eh?

Cop in car: Yeah.

Jimmy: Come on, step on it!

[Newsstand girl comes out on the sidewalk, ready for dinner, looks all around for Jimmy, and realizes she's been stood up yet again]

Jimmy: Oh honey, this is gonna make a great story! Can't ya see those headlines? "KILLER DELMAR RECAPTURED AFTER FIERCE BATTLE ON TRAIN! FIVE MEN KILLED!" Oh baby, what a story!