[referring to a newspaper headline which reads "'Get Out of Town' District Attorney Tells Beer Barons"]

B.H. 'Butch' Owens: That's bad publicity for my business!

New York City Dist. Atty. Brent: You've been reading the funny papers again, Owens.

B.H. 'Butch' Owens: Look here, Brent, you can't get away with this! You can't put me...

New York City Dist. Atty. Brent: I can't... but I will. You and every rat that hasn't found a hole to crawl into when that deadline is up.

B.H. 'Butch' Owens: I've heard that before - just around election time.

New York City Dist. Atty. Brent: Yes, but get this, Owens - you're a candidate right now for that "hot seat" at The Big House. And if you're in town by this time tomorrow, you're as good as elected.

[after Breezy is wounded in a shootout with gangsters, the D.A. orders him to convalesce at his father's Wyoming ranch]

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: OK, Chief, if you think the department can get along without me.

New York City Dist. Atty. Brent: Oh-ho, the department will probably go to pieces.

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: Yeah, that's what I was afraid of!

New York City Dist. Atty. Brent: Oh, if it does, I'll save you a piece.

[Owens orders a henchman to shoot Martin Kildare's cattle]

B.H. 'Butch' Owens: Here's where beef goes down. Let 'em have it!

Al: [pulls out a machine gun and aims it at the herd] I'll play my best tune.

[Breezy and Walrus get the drop on Owens' thugs]

Walrus: Now you fellas reach for a cloud and hang on to it.

[the Owens gang has just shot Martin Kildare]

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: The Owens mob just left here - they got my dad.

Rancher: What?

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: You men follow the road... we're going to take the short cut and head 'em off at the rocks!

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: [punches Owens] So you're tough, eh?

[punches him again]

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: You can dish it out, but you can't take it! Well, you're in a country now where you got to take it. Here's a little of what you gave to me!

[hits him again]

B.H. 'Butch' Owens: Don't I get a break?

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: You bet you don't! There's no lawyers here to pull a habeus corpus... but there's a gang here who can pull a rope! Get up.

B.H. 'Butch' Owens: Give me a break!

Walrus: Surrre, we'll give you a break. We'll give you a rope and a tree that ain't never been used before.

[rather than face a hangman's rope, Butch shoots himself]

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: Still yellow, Butch. You couldn't take it.

[last lines]

Ruth Carter: [reads Breezy's train ticket] Cheyenne to New York.

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: Yep, back to the big town. Now that Dad's well again, there's nothing to keep me here.

Ruth Carter: I wish it read the other way.

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: You mean Broadway to Cheyenne?

Ruth Carter: Uh-huh.

Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: Shucks, there's no sense my going then... alone.

Ruth Carter: Unh-uh.