Composer Max Steiner plays the conductor of the Broadway show. (He also can be seen conducting the studio orchestra in the opening titles of RKO's "Girl Crazy" the same year).

Because of Lee Tracy's absences and late arrivals on the set, RKO withheld $3500 from his salary and sued him for $10,000 which they alleged his actions cost them. It was settled out of court with RKO paying half his salary and, if he behaved himself, the other half would be paid as a bonus after he completed his next RKO picture, which turned out to be Wanted! Jane Turner (1936). Tracy requested and was paid the bonus after that film was completed.

In the original script, Achilles ( Eugene Pallette ) was more specifically referred to as a eunuch, but the MPAA, in a letter to producer David O. Selznick suggested that word, as well as a few more sexually-suggestive lines, be removed. Thus, there are two attempts at getting that point across - during registration at the hotel and when Achilles speaks to the maid and she asks if he's a "different" kind of Turk.