Joe Ryan: Benedict, just why are you back in town? And what are you trying to pull, up at the Mary-Ann?

Benedict: No one's been near that worthless mine for years

Joe Ryan: I'm not so sure it's worthless. You ain't hanging on here for nothing.

Benedict: Joe Ryan, your father was a bad man in this town. What are you trying to do - live up to his record?

Joe Ryan: Listen to me you old carcass, there's plenty of gold in that mine somewhere, and half of it belongs to me. And I've got a deed right here to prove it.

Benedict: Yes, and I got a pretty good idea how you got it

Joe Ryan: Why you old...

[he grabs Benedict as if to strike him]

John Mason: Just a minute...

Joe Ryan: And who invited you into this game?

John Mason: Looked to me like someone was getting a dirty deal. Just thought I'd cut in.

Joe Ryan: Cutting in here ain't the healthiest thing you could do.

John Mason: Well, I'll take that chance. You boys better get moving.