[first lines]

Anton (Tony) Adam: Morning, Jake.

Jake - the Ice Man: Mornin'!

Anton (Tony) Adam: How'd the ice business?

Jake - the Ice Man: Not so hot.

Newspaper Boy: Can I carry your bag, Mr. Lawyer Man?

Anton (Tony) Adam: Okay, old timer. How's your Pop?

Newspaper Boy: He says maybe you're right about me goin' to school instead of selling papers all day. But, only, he don't want me to be President, like you said.

Anton (Tony) Adam: Well, maybe he's right.

Anton (Tony) Adam: You know, I just saved your neck from the noose. One more crack outta you and I'll break it.

Izzy Levine: You and who else?

Olga Michaels: Remember, I told you it doesn't pay to take cases against these big uptown lawyers. They got too much pull!

Anton (Tony) Adam: Yeah, well, I got a lotta push.

Anton (Tony) Adam: Gee, you ought to see that office. Forty-ninth floor. Real mahogany. Carpet's up to your ankles. Dollar cigars.

Olga Michaels: Just what you need. Will it be a relief to interview a few customers that can speak English. You know, you've outgrown that East side charity clinic of yours. You're comin' up in the world!

Anton (Tony) Adam: That settles it. The defense rests. Did anybody ever tell you, you're a better lawyer than I am?

Olga Michaels: Not in so many words; but, I've suspected it.

Anton (Tony) Adam: Any more advice?

Olga Michaels: Plenty! If you're going uptown, find out who Bentley's tailor is!

Anton (Tony) Adam: Say, what's the matter with these clothes? Aren't they all right?

Olga Michaels: Sure. They've been all right since the armistice.

Olga Michaels: I worked for a successful man once and you know why he was a success?

Anton (Tony) Adam: Sure; because, you worked for him.

Olga Michaels: No. Because he let the dames alone.

Barbara Bentley: Ever been kidnapped like this before?

Anton (Tony) Adam: No; but, I have an idea I'm going to like it.

John Gilmurry: You're a good man, Tony. A little bit thick between the ears, every now and then; but, you know most of the answers.

Anton (Tony) Adam: For a politician in the public eye, your Dr. Frankie Snookums Gresham writes like a medical Casanova.

Virginia St. Johns: Yes, isn't it terrible.

Anton (Tony) Adam: Hmm. "Angel lamb." "Darling, my all." "Counting the hours." "Your lily white - "

[raises his eyebrows and clears his throat]

Law Secretary: No home to go to?

Olga Michaels: Boss wanted to sign these when he got back.

Law Secretary: Maybe he had a flat tire.

Olga Michaels: I'll say she was.

Olga's Dining Friend: I know what's wrong with you. You're in love with your boss and he won't give you a tumble.

Anton (Tony) Adam: Olga, is there anything wrong with me?

Olga Michaels: I wouldn't be surprised.

Anton (Tony) Adam: Olga. Olga! Olga. Do you think I'm fascilating?

Olga Michaels: I think you're drunk!

Dr. Frank Gresham: Do you think this is gonna do you any good? Why, that dame has got no case. You'll be the laughing stock of the town.

Anton (Tony) Adam: Yeah? Well, if you think those letters aren't going to turn a couple of laughs your way, you're daffy.

Dr. Frank Gresham: Letters?

Anton (Tony) Adam: Certainly, letters. Every letter you ever wrote Miss St. Johns is in my desk. For a smart man, you write some of the silliest things.

Dr. Frank Gresham: I'm warning you for the last time, I'll settle with Virginia and I'll settle my way. I'll make it so hot for you that...

Anton (Tony) Adam: I know. I'll have to wear an asbestos night shirts.

Olga Michaels: You lugs wouldn't believe you were born without seeing your own birth certificates, would ya. Wise guys!

Olga Michaels: Now we'll probably get into more trouble. I smelled trouble the minute that long blonde started throwing those bedroom eyes on you. Well, you never listen to me til it's too late! But, just remember, I told you so!

Olga Michaels: That's what happens when a smart lawyer gets mixed up with a dumb blonde!

Anton (Tony) Adam: Don't worry. Everything's going to be all right.

Olga Michaels: Oh, sure it is. But, who's going to take your case?

Anton (Tony) Adam: I am.

Olga Michaels: You are?

Anton (Tony) Adam: I know, I'll have a sap for a client.

Anton (Tony) Adam: I'm a bust! I'm licked!

Barbara Bentley: Oh, they can't lick you!

Olga Michaels: Aw, gee, Tony. I wouldn't walk out on you. I come with the furniture. Let's go back to East side, where we came from!

Anton (Tony) Adam: What? Go back licked? A lot of dirty politicians giving me the bird because they scared me out of the their end of town? Not me!

Anton (Tony) Adam: Look down there. People. Millions of 'em. Every guy for himself. Pushing. Shoving. Trampling each other. Sure! A city full of 'em. Crooked streets and crooks. Fight. Cheat. Deal... Boost the guy that's riding high and kick the guy that's down. That's what it takes to make good here. And that's what I'll give 'em. When they kick you, kick 'em back, only harder. Sock 'em. If they can't take it, that's their hard luck. They made a shyster outta me. Okay! I'll be the biggest, busiest shyster that ever hit this town. If they want rats, I'll be a rat, a daddy of all rats! I'll show them. - - That's a long speech on an empty stomach.

Olga Michaels: That's a long speech on a nine-course dinner.

John Gilmurry: That was quite a send off you gave me, Tony. That part about me being the political stench in the nostrils of the nation - I liked that.

Anton (Tony) Adam: You know, I thought you would. I admit, that was pretty good.

Anton (Tony) Adam: All right, Your Honor, shall we here the verdict?

John Gilmurry: Wait a minute! How much?

Anton (Tony) Adam: Oh, I don't play favorites. Five thousand from Moyle and five thousand from you.

John Gilmurry: All right, Shylock. You win.

Second Jury Foreman: [after Gilmurry settles his case with Tony] You put us through a lot of trouble for nothing, Mr. Counselor.

Anton (Tony) Adam: Oh, I'd hardly say for nothing, Mr. Foreman

John Gilmurry: Say, just out of curiosity, what was your verdict gonna be?

Second Jury Foreman: Oh, we found you not guilty.

John Gilmurry: Not guilty? Well, I'm a dirty...

Anton (Tony) Adam: Did you ever doubt?

Olga Michaels: Well, remember...

Anton (Tony) AdamOlga Michaels: I told you so.

Anton (Tony) Adam: This is something I've been saving for a long time. That guy put the skids under me and now it's my turn! You think I've been tough? Huh! You've only got a sample of what I'm going to be. I haven't forgotten. I haven't been asleep. I've got enough on that guy to hang him.

Olga Michaels: What are you gonna do?

Anton (Tony) Adam: Hang him.

Gilmurry's Secretary: Adam's apartment doesn't answer. What'll I do?

John Gilmurry: Try standing on your head in Times Square. Find him, dumbbell.

John Gilmurry: I'm telling you, lay off!

Anton (Tony) Adam: I'm telling you, go lay an egg.

John Gilmurry: Forget you're a DA. Forget about this investigation. We'll make you a Judge. I'll put you on the bench, boy, and this whole business will blow over.

Anton (Tony) Adam: Blowing over doesn't interest me. Blowing up is what I'm after.

Izzy Levine: We got orders to make you...

Anton (Tony) AdamIzzy Levine: Lay off Gresham!

Anton (Tony) Adam: Well, what do you think of that? Hey, listen, you mugs, you're in a tough spot. Much tougher spot than I am, get me? The Gresham's are sunk. Gilmurry will the worst then sunk when the papers tomorrow break what I got on him! And you two rod-handlers will burn browner than overdone hamburger. You wanna know why? Because when Gilmurry is through as boss around here, you won't have anybody to protect you. And you know what your good friend Gilmurry will do then? I'll tell you! I know the guy. He'll runout powder on you, see. Pass the buck right back to you. Claim he had nothing to do with this! And because he's Gilmurry, they'll believe him. Because you're a couple of cheap, tinhorns, they won't believe you and you'll fry!

Olga Michaels: Where's your gun?

Anton (Tony) Adam: Gun? What do I want a gun for?

Olga Michaels: Some people use 'em to shoot ducks with!

Anton (Tony) Adam: You're as wrong as two left feet.