Soundtracks (5)

  • The Sidewalks of New York
    (1894) (uncredited)
    Music by Charles Lawlor
    Played during the opening scene
    Also played at the end
  • If I Could Be with You
    (1926) (uncredited)
    Music by James P. Johnson
    Played on piano in the bar
  • In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town
    (1932) (uncredited)
    Music by John Siras and Jack Little
    Played on piano in the bar when Tony meets Ginny St. Clair
  • I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan
    (1929) (uncredited)
    Music by Arthur Schwartz
    Played during the shot of the headline and before Tony makes the phone call
    Played again when Tony sits down after the phone call
    Also played when Babs come s up to the office
  • Let's Put Out the Lights (and Go to Sleep)
    (1932) (uncredited)
    Music by Herman Hupfeld
    Played when Tony emerges from the phone booth after making his call