A contemporary article in Film Daily noted that Edward G. Robinson was considered for the lead in this picture.

At approximately minute :38, a young boy is crying and led out of the courtroom by his mother. The uncredited actor is Bobs Watson (PeeWee of Boys Town (1938) fame).

As an example that this is a pre-Code film, at the end of the scene when Tony is first out to lunch with Virginia, note what he does with the cigar in his mouth.

Only screen pairing of Joan Blondell and William Powell.

When Barbara buzzes for Tony at Granville's desk, she quickly sits down and picks up the February 27, 1932 edition of The New Yorker magazine.

According to studio records, filming took 21 days.

Several actors listed in studio records and casting call lists were not seen in the movie. These include Harold Huber, Henry Armetta, and Edward Arnold.