Clicker Watson: There's a name for guys like you, but I can't think of it.

Clicker Watson: [after washing soot off his face] Pop, is uh, is the face all right?

Pop Whipple: Well, it's uh, clean anyway.

Jerry Hamilton: I mean it, Pepper. I think you're... the salt of the earth.

Pepper Whipple: That's funny. Pepper - I think you're the salt.

Jerry Hamilton: When you're in love, you can't see the patches.

Pepper Whipple: I know. But they're there, just the same.

Boots McGee: Listen, I'd leave you here, only I don't wanna pull a dirty trick on the alligators.

Pop Whipple: Four wheels and nine blowouts.

Pop Whipple: Say, them black seed sandwiches is swell, ain't they, huh?

Mr. Hamilton: That's caviar.

Pop Whipple: Yeah, yeah. Never had any of it in my beanery, no siree.

Jerry Hamilton: Oh, Pepper, money isn't everything.

Pepper Whipple: I know. But it'll do till something better comes along.

Penelope 'Penny' Whipple: Pardon my split lip.

Boots McGee: I'm sorry I didn't split it.

Penelope 'Penny' Whipple: Oh, don't be so plebeian

William Jordan: You mean to tell me that you're falling in love with a waitress?

Jerry Hamilton: No.

William Jordan: I thought you were kidding.

Jerry Hamilton: I've already fallen. I'm lying flat on my back.

Boots McGee: [to Penny Whipple] You know, if I'm every electrocuted, I would love to have you sitting on my lap.

Clicker Watson: Say, Bill, are there any "S"es in Cincinnati?

Bill - Telegrapher: No, you're thinking of Chicago.

[He snorts and chuckles]