Many top Paramount stars are seen in connection with the fictional Majestic motion picture studio, including Maurice Chevalier (outside the studio gates), Gary Cooper and Tallulah Bankhead (walking around the studio lot), and Jack Oakie, Charles Ruggles, Clive Brook, Claudette Colbert, Fredric March, and Sylvia Sidney (attending the premiere of "Wide Open Spaces").

The play, "Merton of the Movies" upon which this film is based, opened on Broadway at the Cort Theatre, 138 W. 48th St., on November 13, 1922 and ran for 392 performances until October 20, 1923.

Remake of a silent film "Merton of the Movies" (1924) and remade again in 1947 as "Merton of the Movies" starring Red Skekton.

The 60¢ that Gill deems expensive for the cost of a plate of soup would be equivalent to $10.70 in 2021.

There were multiple name references to Stuart Erwin's character. They included Merton Gill, Merton, Mr. Gill, Mert Gill, Whoop Ryder, Whoops Ryder, Mr. Ryder, Trooper and Sheriff.

Joan Blondell, as Flips Montague, had at least eight wardrobe changes during production. She first appeared in a Majestic Studios office wearing a silky, light-colored blouse with black slacks. In her next scene, while convincing production assistant Chuck Collins to find a background role for Merton Gill, she wore a full-length skirt with a striped shirt and cap. Next, likely for a screen role, she appeared in western apparel consisting of a riding outfit with a checkerboard vest and knee-high boots. In the next scene, with Merton in the restaurant, she wore a plaid dress with a wide black belt and cap. While attempting to convince Jeff Baird of Merton's abilities, she appeared in a dark dress with white collar, and matching gloves, cap and heels. During filming of Wide Open Spaces, the call sheet described her apparel as a riding habit. Following, she's off-camera for the final scene of Wide Open Spaces in a REPEAT WARDROBE that she wore in Jeff Baird's office - the dark dress with white collar, cap and added black handbag. Perhaps the two scenes were filmed in the same day. In her apartment, the day of the Sneak Preview, she wore a dark pantsuit with a white-laced collar and matching short sleeves, and a dark headband. Finally, in one last apartment scene, she appeared in a floral-designed short-sleeved dress with a white collar, bow, and thin black belt.

Merton Gill graduated from the National Correspondence Academy of Acting.