Helen Steele: I want a part in your new play more than anything in the world.

Sydney Parker: Why you've got everything you need. Why should you want to go on the stage?

Helen Steele: I'm bored. I want to do something worthwhile.

Sydney Parker: Well, I'd like to help you but what can I do?

Helen Steele: You haven't decided on anyone for the lead in The Siren...

Sydney Parker: You could no more play the Siren than I could.

Sydney Parker: Oh, now why would it be so impossible?

Sydney Parker: Well, for one thing, you're not a star. Now if your name were on the front page...

Helen Steele: You mean if I murdered my aunt?

Sydney Parker: That's an idea.

Helen Steele: I haven't any aunt. I have got talent and I could play the Siren.

Sydney Parker: You couldn't even understand her.

Helen Steele: Well, why not?

Sydney Parker: Because she's a woman of experience. Full of animal magnetism.

Helen Steele: Oh, that's just another way of saying she's exciting. I could be exciting.

Sydney Parker: Indeed you could. But you're too nice.

Helen Steele: Oh, I'm not nice.

Sydney Parker: You are! You can't away from the hideous fact that you're a thoroughly nice girl.

Helen Steele: Meaning what?

Sydney Parker: Meaning that when you meet a man, as you've just met our friend Craigen here you don't er...

Helen Steele: Oh, I see.

Sydney Parker: I'm glad you do.

Helen Steele: Alright. Suppose I deliberately make Craigen fall in love with me?

Sydney Parker: Weekend flirtations? Too easy.

Helen Steele: No, no, no, no. I mean desperately in love with me.