The play opened in London, England on 2 February 1930 with Madeleine Carroll in the role of Phyl. The play opened on Broadway in New York City, New York, USA on 3 November 1931, but had only 20 performances. Margaret Perry originated her movie role as Phyl in the opening night cast of that production, which also included Humphrey Bogart as Duff Wilson and Walter Kingsford as Mr. Thomas.

Donald Cook was injured in an automobile accident soon after the production had started, and was replaced by David Newell in the role of Duff Wilson.

Some cast members supposedly in this film did not appear or were not identifiable: Herman Bing, Robert Dudley, Edward Hearn and Arthur Hoyt. In a news item, it was announced that Tully Marshall was added to the cast, but he was not seen either.

When Myra tells Ralph the perfume he is spraying wildly costs 200 francs per ounce, that would equate to about $8.00 at the time, or $141 in 2016.