Kitty Lane: I hope you'll be interested in my collection of etchings, or whatever it is they hang on the walls here...

Kitty Lane: [to her Uncle Fred, who runs a greasy spoon] Your thoughts are just like your kitchen ... dirty.

Toby: [tries to grab Kitty's hand, but she pushes it away] Say Kit, won't you go to the show with me tonight?

Kitty Lane: For what?

Toby: Well, you can't do much with a crowd around.

Kitty Lane: That's why I like crowds.

[Fred calls out an order from the kitchen "Take away the chicken pie." and Kitty walks away]

Toby: [following her] But Kit, there's a lot of things I want to tell you.

Kitty Lane: Only one, Toby. And the answer is "no."

Toby: Don't you know any three-letter words?

Kitty Lane: Nix!

Toby: [good naturedly] Why you...

Toby's chum at diner #1: Hey Toby, come on! We got places to go!

Toby's chum at diner #2: Come on, cut the romance!

Toby's chum at diner #3: Come on, Romeo!

Toby's chum at diner #2: [as the crowd of young men leaves en masse, with Toby] Boy, you couldn't lure a woman out of a burning building.

Kitty Lane: [waiting on David at the diner] ... How come *you* never annoyed me?

David Livingston: Well, I don't like to compete with the whole college.

Kitty Lane: If I owned this joint I'd bust ya in the nose for that.

David Livingston: [looking up from the book he has been studying] Yes, and if I were your brother instead of a customer here, I'd spank you. I'd like to finish this chapter.

Kitty Lane: Well, go ahead, finish it someplace else where they burn incense or something.

David Livingston: Alright, I will. I don't like this place anyhow. You may be hot, but the coffee's cold.

[gets up to leave]

David Livingston: Keep the change.

Kitty Lane: [throws David's coin on the floor; then, under her breath:] Pinhead .... Nitwit ....

Kitty Lane: [finds his hat on the chair] Hey, you forgot your hat.

[runs after him]

Kitty Lane: Hey stupid, you forgot your hat!

Judge Forbes: [trying to bribe Kitty to give David up] I thought you'd prefer cash. Five thousand dollars. Merely for leaving town, immediately.

Kitty Lane: [She looks down at the bills in his hand, and slowly raises her head with a look of anger and contempt in her eyes.] What are you trying to make of me--what you wish I was? Something cheap and common, something that money can buy?

[her anger rising]

Kitty Lane: Well, you can't. Nobody can! You and the nice, decent people who sent you here are the real cheap ones ... trying to put a price on something there isn't any price for.

[almost hysterical now]

Kitty Lane: If that's being decent, I'm glad I'm common!

[crying and screaming]

Kitty Lane: If that's being rich, I'm glad I'm cheap, and I'm gonna stay cheap! Because no matter how cheap I am, I'm not for sale!

[She throws the money in his face and runs out.]

Mrs. Helen Livingston: Tell her Mrs. Livingston is here.

Aunt Dot: Oh... that won't do her headache any good.

Camp Surgeon: You ought to wear more sensible shoes, Kitty.

Kitty Lane: Most men don't say that.

Camp Surgeon: No? What do they say?

Kitty Lane: Oh, they say, you have very pretty legs, Kitty.

Camp Surgeon: Well, you have.

Kitty Lane: And then they say, you're growing into quite a woman, aren't you? And they try and make a date.

Camp Surgeon: Do they have any luck?

Kitty Lane: What? These beau-hunks?

Camp Surgeon: You ought to get away from here, Kitty. You'll get a long way in a big city.

Kitty Lane: Yeah, just as far as I'm willing to let a man take me.

'Pa' Lane: That's what you get fooling around with dynamite. I have nothing to leave you with, Kitty. Except, maybe a little advice.

Kitty Lane: Don't talk like that, please, Pop.

'Pa' Lane: You're going to find it - a tough world, Kitty. Be tough, yourself. Then they can't hurt you. Not if you learn to take 'em. Go to your Aunt Dot. Too many men around here. You're grown now. Don't forget. Go to my sister.

Fred: Where's Kitty?

Aunt Dot: Oh, she's outside, waiting on some of the customers.

Fred: Sure, given some of them college boys a treat!

Aunt Dot: Oh, Fred, Kit's a good girl.

Fred: You can't tell me, that foxy niece of yours, gets all them tips just for waitin'.

Kitty Lane: [Kitty enters the kitchen] If you ain't fryin' steaks, you got me on the pan.

Kitty Lane: [Reading the title of David's textbook] What's anatomy?

David Livingston: The study of the human body.

Kitty Lane: Mmm. All in one volume? Your boyfriends are not satisfied just to read about it.

David Livingston: So I noticed. I can't blame them.

Kitty Lane: Why not?

David Livingston: Well, what you don't ask for, you don't get.

Kitty Lane: That shapes up like a dig. A nasty, filthy, dig.

David Livingston: You asked for it.

Aunt Dot: Some men like me. You do.

Fred: Yeah, I do, at that.

Kitty Lane: Well, it's a wonder with that Mother Hubbard you're wearing. Why don't you doll up?

Aunt Dot: Well, do you think I could look - beautiful, like?

Kitty Lane: Sure, why not? Touch up your hair and get a permanent. Take that tent off. And, show your knees. They're not bad, you know. Put 'em in silk and you'll get by anywhere.

David Livingston: Well, what have you been doin'?

Kitty Lane: Oh, nothin' much.

David Livingston: Seems you've been holding out on me, what's this?

[Picks up a notepad from Kitty's desk]

Kitty Lane: Now, you keep away from there.

David Livingston: A love letter.

[Reading words on the notepad]

David Livingston: Eleemosynary. Elective. Ejaculate. Taking your "e"'s I see.

Kitty Lane: You're not the only one who has a right to an education. If there's anything that makes me mad, it has someone using a word that I don't understand.

Judge Forbes: This is the young woman.

Detective Collins: Kitty Lane?

Kitty Lane: Yes.

Detective Collins: You'll have to come with me.

Kitty Lane: He's joking, ain't he, Mr. Forbes?

Judge Forbes: It's a complaint for violation of the Public Morals Act.

Kitty Lane: Violation? How do you know?

Judge Forbes: I swore out the complaint.

Kitty Lane: Come on in, Copper, and earn your pay!

Judge: And in conclusion, Kitty Lane, it is the duty of this court to protect and help such as you. I therefore commit you to the State Home for the Regeneration of Females for a period of 90 days. I earnestly hope that while there, you will learn the error of your ways.

Kitty Lane: Oh, flatterer. Anything in French is always flattery.

Andre: Oh, no, no! Do I exaggerate? Wasn't her - performance superb? In all the years I never saw so much artistry. So much, em, what do you call in this country? Sex!

Kitty Lane: Shhh. In this country we call sex anything else - but!

Kitty Lane: Have a highball?

Aftershow Party Guest: We've stopped counting them!

David Livingston: I imagine you're lonesome yourself sometimes.

Kitty Lane: Oh, no, I have plenty of company. Men flock around here quite a bit.

David Livingston: Oh, I can't blame them for that.

Kitty Lane: Although not as much as they might. Wives are so apt to be narrow-minded.

Roger: I hope Kitty Lane remembers me. I knew her when she was waiting at the Campus Inn.

May: Really? I wonder how it feels to be notorious? Seems like fun to me.

Mrs. Helen Livingston: I won't let that shopworn woman fasten herself on you. I warn you!

Kitty Lane: It's a queer, selfish sort of love, but I'm beginning to understand it.