Hefty - the Bartender: It's Jim Rawlings - back from the grave

'Texas' Grant: Guess again, Old Timer. My name's not Jim Rawlings and I'm not back from any grave

Hefty - the Bartender: Do you, do you mean to tell me, you ain't Jim Rawlings of the Diamond R who disappeared five years ago?

'Texas' Grant: Well that's what I'm telling ya. My name's Grant, Texas Grant. What's yours?

Hefty - the Bartender: Oh, well the folks round here call me 'Hefty'. I don't know why. Maybe it's on account of my size

'Texas' Grant: Well I wouldn't think that'd have anything to do with it

Hefty - the Bartender: That's what I thought too

Hefty - the Bartender: You're sure the spittin' image of Rawlings

Utah Becker: Say listen you. Whatever your name is. You've imposed on this town long enough. And you been doing a lot of talking when you had a gun to back up your play. Now I'm sayin' something - this town ain't big enough to hold the two of us

'Texas' Grant: Well then maybe you better be leaving, Becker

Utah Becker: I ain't a-leavin'. I'm a-callin' your bluff.

'Texas' Grant: Just how?

Utah Becker: I'll be waitin' for ya in my saloon at four o'clock. Alone. And if you're a man, you'll meet me there. Alone.

'Texas' Grant: I'll be there

Utah Becker: I'll be a-waiting. And come a-shootin'!

Utah Becker: [riding up quickly, dismounting, and confronting Grant] I want to talk to you.

'Texas' Grant: Well, Becker, too bad you weren't in time here for our little party

Utah Becker: Don't worry. I've been havin' a little fun on my own.

Steve Pickett: If you've been havin' fun, it must have been costin' someone somethin'.

Steve Pickett: [Steve guffaws]

Hefty - the Bartender: [to Texas] You see, there's been some pretty bad cases of lead poisonin' around here - regular epidenic!

'Texas' Grant: You, uh, haven't been able to find a doctor who can cure the trouble.

Hefty - the Bartender: You can't cure dead men what's been shot in the back by a unknown killer. The best thing a fella can do is keep his mouth shut.

Helen Rawlings: [to Texas Grant] I don't care who you are, Honey, but i'm awfully glad you're here.

Antagonist: [after getting winged in the wrist by Grant] I wasn't drawin' on you, Rollins. I was just lookin...

'Texas' Grant: Yes, you were just goin' to shoot me in the back. Now you get your partner, and both of you clear out. I'll give you that much of a chance.

Antagonist: All right, Rollins, we ain't lookin' for no trouble.

'Texas' Grant: [in a threatening tone] If you are just come back to town, I'll be lookin' for yuh!

'Texas' Grant: These rustlers got you buffaloed too?

Steve Pickett: Nope, they ain't. They ain't nobody got me buffaloed!