College Boy at Execution: Look, Doctor, when that current's turned on, how long will it take before it's all over?

The Prison Doctor: You mean before I'll pronounce him dead?

College Boy at Execution: No, before he actually is dead. Will he pass out as soon as the current hits him?

The Prison Doctor: No.

Reporter: He won't? I thought it was all over just like that!

[He snaps his finger]

The Prison Doctor: Not with a powerful fellow like John Allen. His body will be paralyzed but his brain will continue to function for... maybe two seconds.

College Boy at Execution: Gee, those'll be the longest two seconds he ever lived!

The Prison Doctor: Long enough for him to relive his whole life!

The Warden: All set?

Executioner: Yes, sir.

The Warden: Then we'll start the parade.

Shirley Day: [Getting ready to leave for the dance hall in a tight-fitting dress] Well, Big Boy, what do I look like now?

John Allen: [Contemptuously] Just like what you are!

Shirley Day: [Condescendingly to John] Here's a buck in case you run out of cigarettes or something.

Bud Clark: There's only one thing we got think about: when we get our arms around a dame, how far can we go?

John Allen: [Referring to Bud's racetrack winnings] Say, you ain't gonna blow him the whole 38?

Bud Clark: Well, I sure am! You don't spend easy money fast, no more will ever come to you.

John Allen: Oh, yeah, but, it seems crazy to spend all that jack on a couple-a dumb dames!

John Allen: [to Bud] Yeah, now look here, anytime I take a dame out, she knows what it is to be out. I satisfy!

[first lines]

The Warden: And another thing...

Reporter: Why'd you come up here anyway? There ain't gonna be any legs in this show.

John Allen: Listen, Bud, I don't think I'm gonna horn in on your party tonight.

Bud Clark: Gettin' stuck up, all of the sudden, are you? Me and Annie ain't good enough for you any more?

John Allen: It ain't that and you know it. It's only that, well, I don't know who the dame is Annie's going to bring along for me. I ain't so keen about a blind date.

Bud Clark: Aw, she'll be all right. Annie knows you're particular about dames! She'll get ya a good number.

John Allen: Yeah? Well, how about that truck horse she picked out for me last time?

Bud Clark: I give her the devil for it, didn't I?

John Allen: Yeah, a lot of good it did me. I was stuck with her for a whole evenin'. Boy, all that dame wanted to do was eat - eat and dance. I felt like I was handlin' the rear end of a fire truck.

John Allen: Workin' this way, 20, 25 stories up in the air, you know, it kinda gives a fella ideas. You know, you met a guy or a girl down there and they think they're hot stuff, they amount to somthin' in the world.

Bud Clark: Well, they ain't nothin' wrong with bein' that, is it?

John Allen: No, nothin' wrong, nothin' wrong, nothin' like that; but, I don't know, when ya, when ya get up here and look down on 'em, then you get a different slant on the whole thing. You know, they only seem like, like just a crawlin' bunch of little flies. Look at them. Look at 'em. Crawlin' down there. A banker and a lawyer and the fancy dame. All the rest of 'em, thinkin' they're doin' big things. Makin' speeches and gettin' into the papers and cheatin' and hatin' each other. Huh, I bet you God gets a big laugh out of this old world.

Bud Clark: You're in a bad way. Better take some aspirin. First thing I know you'll be goin' sourer on me, you'll be clippin' some of those coupons and gettin' yourself a study book to carry around!

John Allen: Well, that mightin' be a bad idea, at that!

Bud Clark: Oh, no. Not while you're bunkin' with me. I ain't gonna live with no lily!

John Allen: The girl I'm gonna fall for is gonna have real class.

Bud Clark: Yeah? I ain't seen no poodle dogs chasin' ya.

John Allen: Yeah, well she's gonna have an education. A girl you can learn somethin' from. Ain't no use in both of us bein' dumb.

Bud Clark: What do you wanna go botherin' your head about that education bunk for? Ain't you makin' 62.50 a week?

John Allen: Yeah.

Bud Clark: Well, what more do you want? A guy told me that 62.50 is more than what a college professor makes. Do you wanna be a college professor and not have any dough to blow in on a good time?

John Allen: Aw, no, it ain't the money, Bud, it ain't that. It's only, gee, I don't know this - there's so much more in the world I don't know.

Bud Clark: You and me, we ain't got no time to think. We got work to do!

John Allen: Oh, you said it.

Bud Clark: No wonder the girls don't like ya.

John Allen: Oh, they like me well enough. Say, didn't that fire wagon slobber all over me?

Bud Clark: That's because you was feedin' her good. If Annie's got you a thin one this time, I bet she won't even give you a tumble.

John Allen: Yeah, well that'll be her tough luck.

Bud Clark: Gee, she had a nifty leg. I shouldn't have let her get away.

John Allen: Well, I'm certainly glad you've decided to quit playin' Santi Claus to them bookies.

Bud Clark: Hi, girls.

Tart: We don't know you.

Bud Clark: Oh, yes you do. I'm the guy who just said hello to you.

Bud Clark: You got anything special on for tonight?

Tart: Yeah. We were just wanting to go by to see the Astor.

Bud Clark: Come off. Come off. You've got the Astor mixed up with the owl dining car, ain't ya?

Tart: Yeah, well, it ain't so bad at that.

Bud Clark: You said it. How 'bout lettin' me sit across from ya, and squirt grapefruit juice in your eye? Like they do in the movies.

Tart: I ain't particular.

Bud Clark: Don't try to pull no Astor stunts on me. I don't come from the Bronx! A couple-a drinks in a speak, dance, and, maybe a movie. A little party afterwards. That's the program for the evenin'. Are you on?

Tart: My name's written over everything you said!

Bud Clark: That a baby!

Tart: Hey, what's holding up the party?

Bud Clark: I'm just given the boyfriend a few tips on the love racket.

Tart II: If he's that green, what kind of an evening am I going to have?

Masher in Dance Hall: I've got a right to dance and you got to dance with me. I paid for it!

Shirley Day: Yeah, you paid a dime with your feet, not your hands.

Shirley Day: Say, big boy, you sure are a swell little hoofer.

John Allen: You ain't so bad, yourself.

John Allen: Do you girls have to dance with everybody who has a ticket?

Shirley Day: Why not?

John Allen: Well, it must be sort of tough lettin' every guy paw you.

Shirley Day: They don't paw me! Not if they know what's good for 'em.

Shirley Day: Fresh guy, huh!

[slaps Masher]

Masher in Dance Hall: Heh!

Tony: What's the matter here? What's the matter?

Masher in Dance Hall: You try it again and I'll break your neck!

Tony: More trouble!

Shirley Day: Just because he paid a dime to dance with me, he thinks that entitles him to privileges!

Masher in Dance Hall: Aw, who wants any privileges with you? A dime would be too much for a bimbo like you!

John Allen: That's what's the trouble with your job. You know, it makes a guy think you're - well, what he said you were. You hadn't ought to work there any more.

Shirley Day: I don't.

John Allen: Gee and it was my fault you got canned.

Shirley Day: Oh, no! Nothing would have happened if I hadn't slapped him myself. But, then, I couldn't let him play around with me that way, could I?

John Allen: No! Not if you're decent.

Shirley Day: Well, that's one thing I am! I may work in a tough joint, but everybody that knows me, knows I'm on the level.

John Allen: Well, that's the only way for a girl to be.

Shirley Day: What do you do for a living?

John Allen: Well, I'm a riveter.

Shirley Day: Oh, that's where you get such a big muscle, ain't it. You make good money at it too, don't you?

John Allen: Sixty-two fifty per!

Shirley Day: Boy! You and Rockefeller!

John Allen: I think education is the biggest thing in the world.

Shirley Day: Oh, not that I'm against education. I got a good one myself.

John Allen: You have?

Shirley Day: Yeah. I went a year to high school.

Shirley Day: I'll speak to Tony myself. I'm sure he'll take me on again.

John Allen: Oh, no, no. Say, that would give all those fellas a chance to get fresh with you again.

Shirley Day: It'll only be for a short time.

John Allen: It sure is tough on a pretty girl, ain't it.

Shirley Day: You really think I'm pretty?

John Allen: Why, yeah.

Shirley Day: I'm glad you think so.

Bud Clark: She's got you dizzy, that's what! I thought you had more sense than fall for the first dame that sighs at you and tells you how wonderful you are. Here, me and Annie's been chasin' around, trying to get you interested in some nice little home girl. But, no! This one's too fat! This one worked in a laundry. While we go chasin' around trying to find a Peggy Joyce for you, what do you do? You go out and get yourself hog tied by a dance hall Jane.

John Allen: I get a big kick out of Shirley.

Bud Clark: Aw, you could do better with a mule!

John Allen: You think I'm stuck on her; but, I ain't. I got my eyes open. I know what I'm doing.

Bud Clark: But, do you know what she's doing? That's what counts!

Bud Clark: What are you hanging around her so much for then?

John Allen: Well, she's good company. She knows things. She goes to school.

Bud Clark: She goes to school.

John Allen: Yeah.

Bud Clark: I'll say she's a wise hen! She's found out your nuts about that education stuff and she's tryin' to hook you with that bait!

Bud Clark: Remember this: when it comes to playin' around with a dame or poundin' on a stick of dynamite, the real smart guy chooses the dynamite.

Shirley Day: I know you don't care a rack about me.

John Allen: [drunkenly] Sure I do, Shirley. I like you a whole lot! I said I did.

Shirley Day: You never kiss me.

John Allen: Well, I did. Just awhile ago.

Shirley Day: Oh, I don't mean like that. I mean kiss me because you must do it! Because you can't keep yourself back! Because your whole insides burn up just for me.

John Allen: Oh, shucks, Shirley.

Shirley Day: That's how I am with you.

[passionate kiss]

Bud Clark: I ain't gonna let you pull the old Army game on him!

Shirley Day: Oh, who's pullin' the Army game?

Bud Clark: You are and you know it! You got him drunk so's he'd get all hot over you. Now, you're framing him to marry ya!

Shirley Day: I don't have to frame anything, Mr. Wise Guy. We're married already.

Bud Clark: John. John!

John Allen: [drunkenly] What's the matter now?

Bud Clark: Did you let this dirty little egg rope you in?

Shirley Day: Hey! That's no way to talk about his wife.

Bud Clark: You filthy little rat you!

John Allen: What's the matter now?

Bud Clark: A riveter's wife don't need silk lingerie and silk pajamas! Not a nightgown, mind you, silk pajamas!

Bud Clark: She was born crooked! It ain't in her nature to play square.

John Allen: Now, don't say that. She's on the level, in that way, with men, I mean. I know she is.

Bud Clark: Yeah? Where'd she get all them glad rags she was dolled up in when she come to ya? From dancin'? She only made five cents a dance. There's a limit to how much you can make addin' up pennies in a night. Why, she wouldn't have made enough to buy them clothes even if she was a - a - merry-go-round!

John Allen: She's worked hard!

Bud Clark: Sure, she has. And I'll tell you where she did it too. The same place she still goes every afternoon.

John Allen: She goes to the movies!

Bud Clark: Yeah?

John Allen: What she's done before we got married, that's off! See. You and me ain't been no lilies, ourselves.

Shirley Day: Well, I'm through strugglin'. See! I'm at the end of my rope and I don't want to hang; so, I'm haulin' in. Get the idea?

John Allen: I don't know what keeps me from killing you.

Shirley Day: If you did, the goose would stop layin' the golden eggs!

John Allen: Now, see here! I ain't standin' for this any longer. I stood for you payin' the rent because I couldn't help myself. But, if you go out with them things on, advertise what you brought me to, you can stay out!

Shirley Day: You got it backwards, big boy! I'm feedin' the kitty now! See!

John Allen: There ain't anybody gonna bring that kinda money into this house.

Shirley Day: Aw, that kind of money. Since when did you begin to examine a dollar to see who its father was?

John Allen: Oh, why do you want to stay here for, when you're doin' so well by yourself?

Shirley Day: I found out that a Mrs. can get away with things that a Miss can't! That's why the girls all look up to me and try to get tips on how I do it.

Shirley Day: Don't make me laugh. It'll crack my lips.

John Allen: Give me a cigarette, will ya? That'll steady me. No, no. Light it for me. Will ya?

John Allen: Yeah, it was you that made a rat outta me. Made me ashamed so I couldn't hold my face up!

John Allen: It ain't fair! It ain't fair to let a rat live and kill a man! No! It ain't reasonable. It don't make sense!