Eileen Pinchon: So you are going to fix everything up by getting good and tight!

Angelina: [looking at a flaming dish in the kitchen] Ain't that purdy. I never get tired lookin' at them blue flames.

Moses: You best not get tired lookin' at them, sister. You gonna be seeing a lot more of them when you passes on!

Roger Chilcote: [speaking of his drunken son to Judge Brandon and Major Randolph after dinner] Republican tendencies, George, that's what's the matter.

Major Randolph: I never knew a Republican who could hold more than a pint.

Roger Chilcote: See here, Major Randolph, do you still cling to that outrageous custom of yours not having your champagne chilled?

Major Randolph: Wouldn't drink ice cold wine no more than I'd make love to a spinster lady. The flavor's all freezed out!