Myrna Loy's character was based on Texas Guinan, she even utters Guinan's catchphrase "Give the little lady a big hand!"

This film's earliest documented telecast took place in Minneapolis Saturday 27 April 1957 on KMGM (Channel 9), followed by Tucson 16 August 1957 on KVOA (Channel 4), by Spokane 16 October 1957 on KHQ (Channel 6), by Norfolk VA 17 October 1957 on WTAR (Channel 3), by Portland OR 17 December 1957 on KGW (Channel 8), by Honolulu 9 December 1957 on KHVH (Channel 13), by Cincinnati 15 May 1958 on WLW-T (Channel 5), by Kalamazoo 17 May 1958 on WKZO (Channel 3), by Green Bay WI 24 June 1958 on WFRV (Channel 5), by Charlotte NC 5 September 1958 on WBTV (Channel 3) and by Durham NC 15 September 1958 on WTVD (Channel 11). Obviously avoided by sponsors because of its age, extreme length, dated theme, and pre-code story line, along with a strangely meaningless title, it was taken off the shelf only occasionally, usually in the less predominant markets. Thanks primarily to the presence of Myrna Loy in an important supporting role, today's cable TV viewers get an occasional opportunity to take another look at it on Turner Classic Movies.