Butch Saunders: I betcha a dollar six bits.

Joe Musik: You a homicide man?

Butch Saunders: No, robbery.

Joe Musik: The guy you're replacing was a rape man. He was no good on this stuff. Too much of a one-track mind.

Butch Saunders: Say, you been smokin' hop?

Joe Musik: Did she show up yet?

Butch Saunders: Nah, she's late.

Joe Musik: Late for her own funeral.

Lady Who Wants Her Cook Back: Can you imagine my husband running away with my cook?

Captain Webb: We'll do everything we can to find your husband.

Lady Who Wants Her Cook Back: Nevermind about him, I want my cook!

Belle Saunders: Oh, Butchie-Wuuutchie!