Ollie: Would you mind opening the window?

[watching in disgust as Stan goes and opens the shop window behind him]

Ollie: Not THAT window - THIS window!

[seeing Stan pull out a large sheet of heavy paper and study it carefully]

Ollie: What are you doing?

Stan: Well, I was looking at the blueprint to try to figure out how to open the window.

Ollie: Why, that's a blueprint of the BOULDER DAM!

Ollie: [after he and Stan have landed after toppling over on the ladder and demolishing the utility shed, with Stan clutching Ollie's ears in terror] Will you let go of my EA-YUHS?

Shop Worker: [Oliver pulls his car up behind Charlie as he's picking up boards. Oliver blows his car horn, scaring Charlie into flinging the boards high into the air and dropping them. Oliver is very amused] Watta yuh think you're tryin' to do?

Ollie: Can't you take a little joke?

Ollie: [laughs and flutters his necktie derisively at Charlie]