Eddie: You think you're a smart dame, don't ya?

Ruby: Well, I'm out here, and you're in there.

[referring to jail]

Ruby: You wouldn't be a bad looking dame, if it wasn't for your face.

Gypsy: Tell your blonde friend I didn't have to steal anything from Eddie Hall. It ain't two weeks ago, he sent me ten bucks for Christmas. You all know that. I guess that's a bit of news for a certain somebody.

Ruby: He was tossin' ten-dollar bills to *all* the tramps at Christmas!

Gypsy: Did you get yours? Or, did he give you the gate?

Eddie: You know all the answers, don't ya?

Ruby: Sure, to dumb questions.

Ruby: [to Eddie] Even your smile's crooked.

Eddie: Here, I'll show you the bedroom.

Ruby: You can send me a picture of it.

Lily Mae Crippen: I'm a New Gospelite. My Papa's a preacher.

Ruby: Yeah? Well, if he's a preacher, I should think he could get you out of here.

Lily Mae Crippen: Oh, but he don't wanna get me out. He put me in!

Sadie: Lily Mae used to pass around the plate at Papa's church.

Bertha: And that ain't all.

Lily Mae Crippen: Oh, hush your mouth. I didn't run around with the Navy.

Bertha: What's wrong with the Navy?

Ruby: Wait a minute. I got two rules I always stick to when I'm out visitin': keep away from couches - and - stay on your feet.

Gypsy: Who are you?

Ruby: I'm the Queen of Sheba!

Eddie: Say, this is a man's bathrobe.

Ruby: You don't say. Ain't you the bright little thing!

Al: I know you'd like Cincinnati, Ruby. They've got the cutest suburbs, it's just like living in the country.

Eddie: You were satisfied with the split the last time.

Ruby: It was coming to me. You had a bath and I did your laundry.

Eddie: That crack calls for a drink!

Ruby: What is it? Scotland or Brooklyn?

Eddie: A little of both.

Ruby: I'll take a chance.

[Takes a drink]

Ruby: I think I will take off this coat.

Eddie: You're not sore on account of that dame, are you? She don't mean a thing to me.

Ruby: The both of you both don't mean anything to me.

Eddie: Get your hat and coat on.

Ruby: Where we going?

Eddie: To Burl Hall, for a marriage license. Any objections?

Ruby: [smiling] No.

Lily Mae Crippen: What ya in here for?

Ruby: My chauffeur went through a traffic light, then he talked back to the cop.

Lily Mae Crippen: Aww, you're foolin'

[last lines]

Train Station Announcer: All aboard for Cincinnata.

Slim: That's the worst of this Depression, you can't tell a banker from a bum.

Eddie: Say, why'd you do all this for me?

Ruby: I don't know. I guess I'm a little bit crazy.

Amy, Ruby's neighbor: Have you got a little gin you could spare?

Ruby: Sure.

Amy, Ruby's neighbor: Terry always says make the best gin in Brooklyn!

Eddie: Now listen, sweet pea, how 'bout you and me gettin' together tonight, huh?

Ruby: Well, I like your nerve!

Eddie: That ain't all you're gonna like. Wait till you see how I grow on ya.

Ruby: Yeah, I can imagine, just like a carbuncle.

Eddie: Don't be so hard to get!

Ruby: Say, what makes you think you can juggle me around?

Eddie: Say, wait a minute. You know it seems silly to play this for a two dollar and a quarter check. Let's make it for the check and ten dollars.

Al: You're on. But, I warn ya, I'm always lucky.

Ruby: I have a feeling that you won't be this time.

Ruby: What do you get off, clippin' my friend like that for ten dollars?

Eddie: Hey, now wait a minute. No squawks. Here's your half.

Ruby: You've turned into a regular Santi Claus, ain't ya?

Eddie: What's a matter?

Ruby: I don't have to go around cuttin' up my friend's dough with you. Anything he's got, belongs to me.

Eddie: Oh, yeah. Well, in that case you won't need this five.

Ruby: [Grabs it out of his hand] I'll keep it.

[Stuffs it in her cleavage]

Ruby: In case of another bank holiday.

Gypsy: I want to mush your hair!

Gypsy: I'm no Polack. I'm Armenian!

Gypsy: I won't go unless he tells me to!

Eddie: Gypsies are always supposed to - keep moving.

Slim: See you later, Eddie. Sorry, Blondie, you won't be interrupted again tonight.

Ruby: [while dancing with Eddie] Tell that arm of yours to behave.

Ruby: Who was that girl?

Slim: Her name is Gypsy Angecon. Heh, funny name, eh?

Ruby: Has Eddie known her very long?

Slim: He don't know any of 'em very long. You know Eddie, hit-n-run. I mean with a dame like that!

Ruby: Sure, I know what you mean.

Slim: You don't need to worry about her any more. She was pinched last night - after we left here.

Ruby: She was? Gee, I'm sorry to hear that.

Slim: She licked up a little too much bathroom gin and started to take off her clothes in the street. Heh, she always does that when she gets a few drinks in her.

Policeman: [Watching Ruby walk away] Not bad.

Eddie: Yes sir, that baby's got rhythm.

Ruby: That guy's been bothering me for over month, wanting to come up here. I told him I lived with my brother to try to stop him. But, he just won't stay put.

Eddie: Must be your personality, sweet meat.

Ruby: I'd like to smack that crooked smile right off your face!

Slim: Have you gone nuts? He'd a had his checkbook out in another minute. Why did you do that?

Eddie: I didn't like his looks!

Slim: What's his looks got to do with his dough!

Slim: Say, has everybody gone screwy?

Ruby: Edward Huntington Hall. Gee, you got a swell middle name.

Eddie: It's my old lady's.

Sadie: What difference does it make why she's in here? The question is what right have they to put her in here? Or you? Or you? Or me? We haven't done anything those society debutantes don't do! But, you ever hear of society girls being sent up? No! It's the system!

Bertha: She's a communist.

Sadie: I am not. I'm a socialist!

Ruby: What's the difference?

Bertha: That's a question she loves you to ask. Now, you are in for it.

Sadie: Now, the difference is...

Ruby: Save your breath, sister. I don't care what the difference is. I'm a Democrat.

Sadie: There's Gypsy now.

Ruby: Who?

Gypsy: Well, well, well, look who's here! Hah! Is this a laugh!

Bertha: Well, that's the new girl. Do you know her?

Gypsy: Do I know her? I'll tell the world I know her. She's the Queen of Sheba.

Bertha: What?

Gypsy: What's the matter, Queenie? Did our boyfriend kick you off your throne?

Gypsy: Well, sisters, I'm on my way. Goodbye Bertha, I'll be missing your snoring.

Bertha: Goodbye.

Gypsy: Goodbye Lily Mae.

[who is black]

Gypsy: You're the only dark cloud I ever liked.

Lily Mae Crippen: Goodbye Gypsy, take care of yourself.

Gypsy: Goodbye Trotsky, keep up the fight for the workin' people!

Sadie: Goodbye, but, the day will come when you'll remember some of the things I've said. When Capitalism...

Gypsy: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Tell it to them. My times up!

Eddie: Will you do something for me? Let me see you smile.