Mimi Benton: Well, I'll tell you what happened to her. While you were touring China, she went through hell. It's a nice place, you must go there someday.

Michael Gardner: You've changed all right! You're selfish, hard.

Mimi Benton: Sure I am, just like glass. So hard, nothing'll cut it but diamonds. Come around some day with a fistful. Maybe we can get together.

Mimi Benton: [to baby daughter] Maybe... maybe you'll take a mother's advice before she goes. You might as well. That's the only thing she's got to give. Don't ever let any man make a sucker out of you. Make him know what you're worth. Anything they get for nothing is always cheap.

Mimi Benton: [to her newborn daughter] Why couldn't you have been a boy? This world's such a tough place for a girl to come to.

Mimi Benton: [to Mother Angelica] Dora's the kind of girl that some guy always wants to marry. I get a lot of proposals, but marriage isn't one of them.

Carlotti: A woman must suffer much before she can sing a little.

Mimi Benton: [Disappointedly] I see.

Carlotti: Come back to me in about a year.

Mimi Benton: [Smiling ironically] All right. In the meantime watch me suffer.

Mimi Benton: The next time you go in for rescue work, pick out someone who wants to be saved. I don't.

Mrs. Julia Judson: Well, it's too disgusting! To think of that disreputable woman talking every evening to America's dear little kiddies!

Andrew 'Juddy' Judson: Rats!

Mrs. Julia Judson: She's an evil influence invading a million decent homes!

Andrew 'Juddy' Judson: More rats!

Mrs. Julia Judson: How would you like to have such a creature in your home?

Andrew 'Juddy' Judson: I'd love nothing better!