Radek: Women don't interest me... except for one.

Radek: You are beautiful. You must love me as well.

Radek: You couldn't know, but my life starts tonight. And in a few months... But I don't want to die. I want to live... for you.

[first lines]

Willy Ferrière: Hi, sweetie.

First Woman at the Bar: You stood me up yesterday.

Willy Ferrière: I did indeed.

Willy Ferrière: Hello, beautiful.

Third Woman at the Bar: [sitting on a barstool, Willy rubs her exposed leg from her ankle to her knee] Can you lend me two louis?

Willy Ferrière: Two louis! I'm broke, sweetheart.

[walks away]

Third Woman at the Bar: I'll bet.

Edna Reichberg: Don't be upset. "Unlucky at dice..."

[Willy puts the dice back in the dice cups]

Edna Reichberg: What are you doing? Playing against yourself?

Willy Ferrière: No. I'm making a decision.

[rolls the dice]

Edna Reichberg: Is it - no?

Willy Ferrière: It's yes.

Willy Ferrière: The crazy old dame lives all alone.

Edna Reichberg: "Crazy" is right.

Willy Ferrière: She wants me to get a job.

Radek: [listening to a sad song sung by the lady next door] She sings beautifully, doesn't she?

Commissaire Jules Maigret: Is she pretty?

Radek: I don't know.

Commissaire Jules Maigret: Is she young?

Radek: I don't know her. I don't want to know her. I take that back. I do know her. From listening to her, I've imagined a body and a face to go with that voice. The face of - a certain someone.

Radek: In six months I'll be dead. And the rest of them will go on earning their filthy money. And you'll go on working the streets for money. And I'll be dead! While they'll have all the servants, jewels, cars, and love that they want!

Radek: I hated you and your lover. You had everything, and I had nothing. I saw you every day with your jewels and furs and cars. So I waited for the chance that would put me in charge. I knew it would come, and it did. Now I'm in charge. You're both in my power.

Radek: Don't forget the old saying: "The perpetrator is he who benefits from the crime." In this case, that's Willy Ferrière. I've watched him for a long time now. We go to the same café. He's been driven to ruin by a demanding woman. You need look no further.

Commissaire Jules Maigret: Thank you. But they had help from someone else.

Radek: Is that so?

Commissaire Jules Maigret: Someone who rigged it from the start to make it look like the work of a defenseless simpleton.

Radek: Me?

Commissaire Jules Maigret: Good-bye, little man.

Edna Reichberg: You don't care if you live?

Radek: It's life that doesn't care for me!

Weary Woman: [singing] Love that never lasts till dawn, No fond caress or tenderness, I lived out my destiny, And all I see, Inside of me, Is a night that's foggy, dark, and gray...

Second Woman at the Bar: Willy, you're no gentleman. You didn't come by yesterday. Stop by tomorrow. I'll be in all day.

[referring to her date]

Second Woman at the Bar: Don't worry about him. This Kraut doesn't understand a word of French.

Willy Ferrière: Okay, sweetie. See you tomorrow.