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  • Sally Eilers and Norman Foster both fine. Rochelle Hudson OK as an overwrought sexpot. Ralph Morgan plays a tomcat with all the women just crazy about him. He seems miscast to me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This silly melodrama starts off on the right note in its introduction of Sally Eilers as the head of an employment firm. She meets wealthy Norman Foster when he accidentally crushes her lipstick. When he gets around to introducing her to his family, his competitive father Ralph Morgan bets he will break them up, and sure enough he does. But marriage to this aging Don Juan is not a happy one, especially with the man she loves nearby and now the father of a baby boy thanks to his own impulsive marriage.

    Both dull and preposterous, this depression era soap is filled with motiveless lead characters and uninteresting supporting ones. The plot twists are too ironic and the villain played by Morgan too one-note. A stereotypical Latin femme fatale seems straight out of the Theda Bara vamp school although her dance is pretty hot. The cords of the music she dances to are far more intriguing than everything else struck here.