John L. 'Johnnie' Smith: [to Mike about Diane] Michael, Michael, drop the housework and see what lottle girls are made of.

Diane Lovering: Catch anything yet?

Boy Fishing on Dock: Nope, but I will.

Diane Lovering: You bet you will... when you get home.

Michael 'Mike' Bradley: How about some lunch?

Diane Lovering: I could eat a horse.

Michael 'Mike' Bradley: I wish you would.

John L. 'Johnnie' Smith: Well, if he's got anything to do with the ordering, you'll probably get mule meat.

John L. 'Johnnie' Smith: [Referring to Diane's fifkleness and mercenary] They're all alike, aren't they?

Michael 'Mike' Bradley: [Cynically] Yeah, only some aren't so frank about the class of business they're in.

Diane Lovering: [after being kissed passionately] No, Mike, not that way!

Michael 'Mike' Bradley: How else?

Michael 'Mike' Bradley: [watching Johnnie loosen his belt] That's pretty.