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  • boblipton19 August 2014
    When starlet Jeannette Loff discovers that other starlets are getting their names in the paper by marrying nobility, she has publicist Eddie Foy Jr. find her a fake noble groom in this pretty good Roach short comedy.

    It wouldn't take as a series. The market for independently produced comedy shorts was doing poorly and Roach would get out of that business to concentrate on features in a couple of years. Miss Loff would retire and Foy would concentrate on feature films at brother Brian's unit at Warner Brothers for the next five years, then to Broadway, where he would eventually have starring roles in such shows as THE PAJAMA GAME and BELLS ARE RINGING.

    It's a pity this aborted series didn't take, because this comedy was pretty snappy. There are even a couple of musical numbers to enliven events, as well as the talents of other comics like Arthur Housman and William Austin.