Peter Madison: I'd like to contribute to this, I think.

Charlie Lang: You're on, Peter.

Peter Madison: The last of his kind, eh? An honest gambler. Here's a hundred for you.

Charlie Lang: And here's the payoff: he died broke.

Detective: C'mon, girly. Put on your hairnet. We're going places.

Charlie Lang: Hello, Lady! Would I love a chance to say no to you and would I be lyin'.

Lady Lee: How'd you make out down South?

Charlie Lang: Oh, I cleaned up in Ole Mexico. I took their whips and their pants and their sashes. By the way, here's a hundred bucks I owe you.

Lady Lee: It was only fifty!

Charlie Lang: Alright, I'm a sucker. Take it. Forget about it.

Lady Lee: I don't like that Sheila dame.

Lady Lee: Watson, my magnifying glass, and a bottle of milk for Toodles.

Jim Fallin: Is this a Directors meeting or a bathroom conference?

Jim Fallin: We ain't runnin' no Community Chest. Now, what he needs is a crooked dealer.

Mike Lee: You know, I've just begin to realize that honesty is a luxury and we can't afford it.

Mike Lee: You know you didn't help yourself much when you picked me for a father.

Lady Lee: Am I squawkin'?

Charlie Lang: Look, I don't know just how to say this to you. But, well, now that Mike's gone, I was wonderin' how you'd feel about - marrying me?

Lady Lee: That's a swell idea; except, well, it just can't be. You see, the guy'd have to be on the up-and-up all the way with me.

Charlie Lang: Aw, that's a lot of bonkers! It wouldn't make what a difference what a guy was if you really loved him. You'd stick with the payoff, that's the kind of a dame you are. No, what you're really trying to say is - I'm the wrong guy. Isn't that it?

Lady Lee: I guess I'm a dope, Charlie.

Charlie Lang: Oh, will you quit takin' it to heart. I'm only tryin' to help you out. We'll always be pals, won't we Lady?

Lady Lee: I can stack 'em, cold deck 'em, palm 'em, anything you want. And I don't need glasses to read 'em.

Lady Lee: I play my hunches.

Jim Fallin: With a routine like this, you'd take a chance on luck?

Lady Lee: You're an awful sucker, Jim. You see, my angle on it is that, well, everything you do is a gamble. If you're lucky, you win. And if you're not, there's no amount of stackin' gonna help you out.

Garry Madison: Highball, lady?

Garry Madison: [Sitting at a poker table] Do you play poker every night?

Lady Lee: No. Some nights I play blackjack.

[to the dealer]

Lady Lee: I bet.

Garry Madison: I'd like to play Hearts with you sometime.

Lady Lee: I kinda figured that.

Sargey - Fallon's Secretary: She's a clever girl. We can't afford to lose her. Why not give her a little help? Team her up with a guy who knows how to deal 'em.

Jim Fallin: No. Lady'd never stand for any crooked stuff and you know it.

Sargey - Fallon's Secretary: We could tell her that the mug was a bodyguard.

Jim Fallin: Now, there's an idea.

Lady Lee: Remember, don't go pluggin' anybody.

Mealy - Bodyguard: Me? Why I wouldn't hurt a fly.

Garry Madison: Hi you, Bermuda.

Lady Lee: Well, hello Norway.

Garry Madison: No matter where you go, I'll find you.

Lady Lee: So, I noticed.

Lady Lee: Well, you sure fooled me, brother. I didn't spot you as a copper.

Garry Madison: Well, what do you mean?

Lady Lee: Where's your badge, flatfoot?

Charlie Lang: Sorry to get you up so early.

Lady Lee: Its a pleasure, believe me. Thanks for springin' me, kid.

Charlie Lang: Anything for a pal.

Garry Madison: I told you last night and I'm here to tell you just once more. I had nothing to do with that raid. I was an innocent bystander, just like yourself.

Lady Lee: Well, then why do you go prowling around into places when you don't know how to act? Of all the dopey, stupid, greenhorn tricks I ever heard of. Bringing two complete strangers into a gambling layout!

Garry Madison: All right I admit it was stupid, but it certainly wasn't intentional. Now, that's my story and you can take it or leave it.

Lady Lee: I, eh, I think I'll take it.

Garry Madison: Can you take it?

Lady Lee: Mmm-hmm.

Garry Madison: It is beautiful, isn't it, Lady?

Lady Lee: Watch out. You're liable to get moonburned.

Garry Madison: Why, you old rascal! You beat me to the punch again. Here I thought I discovered her.

Peter Madison: Lady and I are old friends and sinners.

Lady Lee: Sheila, darling, I don't feel like doing any tricks.

Lady Lee: For the three hundredth and eight-seventh time: No!

Lady Lee: Did that stop her? No! She came right into my own home and tried to make a monkey out of me!

Lady Lee: Gerry, I need ten thousand right away.

Garry Madison: Ten thousand what?

Lady Lee: Dollars! Charlie Lang is down in the tombs and I gotta spring him.

Charlie Lang: That Fallin shook me down, I'm gonna shake him down for a cool hundred Gs.

Lady Lee: I don't wanna hear about it.

Charlie Lang: What's a matter? You going soft?

Lady Lee: No, but you ought to know better than to play that shakedown game. Why its like foolin' with dynamite playing around with those buzzards.

Charlie Lang: Did I say anything? What's the matter? You going nuts?

Charlie Lang: I'm warnin' you Madison, from now on: weather cloudy, muddy track. You take my tip.

Garry Madison: You'd do anything, wouldn't you, to save your...

Lady Lee: Don't say that!

Garry Madison: Well, he was, wasn't he?

Lady Lee: Figure it out for yourself. And I won't be here while you're making up your mind.

Lady Lee: Every guy's entitled to one mistake.

Sheila Aiken: Quite true. But, I'm not that mistake, Lady. You are.

Sheila Aiken: Please give me credit. If I entertained a man in my apartment last night, you may be sure that I was discreet enough not to let anyone know but myself.

Sheila Aiken: To think that I should have trusted that double-crossing little tramp!