Kitty Lennihan: I kinda like the butler.

Eadie Chapman: Well, it's just as easy to like a millionaire.

Kitty Lennihan: Did somebody ask you to sniff a little white powder?

Kitty Lennihan: Oh, gee, Eadie, doesn't this tropical air melt you down at all?

Eadie Chapman: Sure it does. I'm human.

Kitty Lennihan: Then, why don't we take one day off and have some fun?

Eadie Chapman: 'Cause we're gonna be ladies.

Kitty Lennihan: Aw, I'm no lady! I'm just an old-fashioned home girl - like Mae West.

T.R. Paige Jr.: I bet you were an awful cute baby.

Eadie Chapman: You couldn't prove it. My family never had money to waste on photographs.

Kitty Lennihan: [after flirting with the bellhop] Well, it you can't afford to tip 'em, you have to be polite!

Eadie Chapman: Polite?

Kitty Lennihan: We have every vase in the place.

Eadie Chapman: [Correcting her] Vaahzzz.

Kitty Lennihan: Very Well. We have every vaaaaahzzz in the plaaaaahzzz.

Eadie Chapman: [At an elegant party] Will you try for once in your life to be a lady?

Kitty Lennihan: If they wanted ladies, they'd be home with their wives.

T.R. Paige: What is this, blackmail?

Eadie Chapman: Why, Mr. Paige, it's about Mr. Cousins. I only wanted to thank you for keeping my name out of the papers.

T.R. Paige: Oh, is that so? All that publicity might have gotten you ahead.

Eadie Chapman: Oh, but I don't want to get ahead. Not in show business.

T.R. Paige: Oh, you don't?

Eadie Chapman: No. A few years in the spotlight, if you make it, and when that's over you're nothing but a has-been for the rest of your life.

T.R. Paige: Oh, where did you pick up all this philosophy?

Eadie Chapman: Being poor and going hungry.

Eadie Chapman: [to Paige] You always knew I was a good girl, didn't ya?

Kitty Lennihan: [Interrupting] Get married and go into that later.

T.R. Paige: You want to scratch me off your list. I'm not a ladies' man.

Eadie Chapman: Oh, Mr. Paige. Don't be such a pessimist.

Eadie Chapman: I like him and he's got plenty of dough.

T.R. Paige Jr.: It isn't the money that counts. It's being together with somebody you can be crazy about. You think life with some moth-eaten millionaire'll be anything like the fun you and I could have?

Eadie Chapman: I told you I'm not out for fun.

T.R. Paige: [Showing her the magnificent ballroom in his mansion] That chair... sat in by Napoleon. Those chandeliers were lit up by Louis XVI.

[Pointing to a chaise]

T.R. Paige: Lulled in by DuBarry.

Eadie Chapman: You know this place is big enough for a six-day bicycle race.

T.R. Paige: [laughs] Very clever.

Eadie Chapman: Oh, let me go. Tom, you can't do this to me!

T.R. Paige Jr.: Hey, listen, that gag of yours about being a good girl... that isn't on the level, is it?

Eadie Chapman: [Teary-eyed] Yes. Yes, it is.

T.R. Paige Jr.: Why, Eadie... I...

Eadie Chapman: I love you so much, Tom. You can make me cheap and common like a million others; but, gee, I wish you wouldn't.

Eadie Chapman: I'm gonna be somebody!

Kitty Lennihan: You bet you are! Why, you'll have your name in lights up on Broadway and...

Eadie Chapman: Oh, no, I won't. I don't kid myself. I know my singing and dancing won't get me anywhere. I'm gonna get married!

Kitty Lennihan: Married?

Eadie Chapman: Yes and I'm gonna marry somebody that is somebody.

T.R. Paige: I should think I'd be the last man in the world you'd come to for help.

Frank Cousins: You are.

Frank Cousins: Will you have a cigarette?

Eadie Chapman: No, I never smoke.

Frank Cousins: No minor vices, eh?

Eadie Chapman: Mr. Cousins, people always think showgirls are wild. But, take me, for instance. All the time I've been on Broadway, I'm just the same girl as when I left home.

Eadie Chapman: Mr. Paige, I've done a lot of thinking and ever since I was a kid I've always known there was only one right thing for any girl to do. And that's get married!

Eadie Chapman: Kitty! It costs me eighty-seven fifty to bring you down here as my chaperone and chaperone's don't go for doorman, understand?

Life Guard: Well, well, who's gonna pay me?

Kitty Lennihan: Why? You're not gonna make a god out of money, are you?

Life Guard: Ha-ha. Okay, baby.

Eadie Chapman: A lot of guys think they can buy you for a good meal - but, it's all the same thing. I been in spots like this before and I can take care of myself.

T.R. Paige Jr.: Go ahead, honey, and get it off your chest.

Eadie Chapman: You've had everything all your life! You've been all over the world. You pal around with the best people, but, there's one thing you haven't learned yet!

T.R. Paige Jr.: What's that?

Eadie Chapman: That other people have feelings too. I haven't had any education. All right! I look like a hotsy-totsy. All right! Nobody cared two hoots whether I amount to anything or not! All right! But I care!

T.R. Paige Jr.: Gee, you're swell.

Eadie Chapman: Yeah, but not swell enough to marry. Now, open that door!

T.R. Paige Jr.: Eadie grew up in joints. She earned her living in second-rate nightclubs. And she came through the whole thing - clean!

Kitty Lennihan: You know those New York big shots aren't going to be down at the train to meet us.

Eadie Chapman: No, but I'm going to meet them if I have to dynamite Park Avenue.

Kitty Lennihan: Atta girl!

[They shake hands]

Charlie Turner: Listen, beautiful. You're wasting your time on Tom Paige.

Eadie Chapman: [Smiling] It's my time if I want to waste it.

Eadie Chapman: Katherine, don't be ludicrous. How am I doin'?

Kitty Lennihan: Say, those Park Avenue words don't go with your hair.

Eadie Chapman: Well, they better get used to it.

T.R. Paige: [Lifting a glass at a banquet in his honor] Ladies and gentleman... I give you a toast. To understanding, to tolerance, to mutual consideration, to honor mellowed by generosity, to peace among all the nations of the earth.

Eadie Chapman: Nobody ever believes I have ideals; but, I have and I'll show 'em I have.

Mr. Miller: Eadie, I'm crazy about you. I'd let you into that party in a minute - if you'd only be a little friendly.

Eadie Chapman: Why, I never meant to be unfriendly.

Mr. Miller: Will you go to supper with me after the party?

Eadie Chapman: Why, yes, Mr. Miller.

Mr. Miller: That's the girl!

T.R. Paige: What's the idea of all the whoopee?

Frank Cousins: Why, just a celebration for a few of my friends.

T.R. Paige: Have you any reason to celebrate?

Frank Cousins: [Chuckles] Why not, why not? We all have to play once in awhile, don't we?

Eadie Chapman: You can have the best time of your life from now on!

T.R. Paige: Say, what are you doing? Making me a proposition?

Eadie Chapman: Mm-hmm. I haven't got any job this morning. I wouldn't be nice to the boss.

T.R. Paige: Well, what was wrong with him?

Kitty Lennihan: Boy, take us right to the beach and am I going to make that old ocean sizzle!

Palm Beach Bicycle Cabby: Here you is, ladies.

Eadie Chapman: Boy, you may wait.

Kitty Lennihan: I'm waiting to see Mr. Paige.

T.R. Paige Jr.: Well, I'm Mr. Paige.

Eadie Chapman: [Disbelievingly] Hmm, is that so? Well, I'm Mrs. Vanderbilt and this is Mrs. Astor. But she left her pet horse at home.

T.R. Paige Jr.: How do you do Mrs. Astor?

Eadie Chapman: Mr. Paige! I don't even know this young man! I never saw him until today. He came out here without an invitation and made himself obnoxious. He's a vulgar vulgarian!

T.R. Paige Jr.: Every day for the last two weeks, you've given me the come-on and every night you bring on the frost.

Charlie Turner: [Dropping in on T.R. and Eadie] Well, well, I've been looking all over Palm Beach for you. Mind if I join you?

T.R. Paige Jr.: Yes, we want to be alone.

Charlie Turner: [Sits down at their table] Well, I don't blame you! Prettiest girl in Palm Beach. You ought to see her in a bathing suit!

Charlie Turner: I've got to go to Washington tonight with your Dad.

T.R. Paige Jr.: Dad's going to Washington?

Charlie Turner: Sure. Don't you know?

T.R. Paige Jr.: Know what?

Charlie Turner: Well, the big shots that have been hovering around here.

[to Eadie]

Charlie Turner: He doesn't know that T.R. may head the American delegation to the new Disarmament Conference.

T.R. Paige Jr.: Great scott, are they pulling another one of those?

Charlie Turner: Another one? Your Dad thinks he's the biggest thing since Benjamin Franklin!

T.R. Paige: Do you know how often I've seen you since you picked up that - blonde chiseler? Just twice. What do you mean by bringing a platinum cutie like that into a respectable club like this?

Charlie Turner: Wait till you get back to New York, Eadie, I'll show you some speed!

T.R. Paige Jr.: You're driving me cuckoo!

T.R. Paige: You can pick things like her up on any street corner.

T.R. Paige: You really think she could make the grade?

T.R. Paige: I'm going to put that scheming little gold digger, that hooked my son, just where she belongs.

Kitty Lennihan: Oh, you'll get over Tom Paige. Why, I've been that way about a million guys.

Kitty Lennihan: Treat her right, Tom. You're going after the only thing in life that's worth a dime: home and kiddies.

Eadie Chapman: I'm not afraid, not as long as I have you.