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  • It takes place in Moscow (check the title) during WW1 (1916,to be precise)!But it's a chocolate box city and who could believe the Russian people were really waging war?Who could believe they were on the eve of revolution? Forget history ,and you have a romantic story which could happen anywhere .Natacha (Annabella)'s fianc√© is not what we call a handsome man (Harry Baur) but he soaked up all her family's debts.She 's a nurse in a military hospital and she falls in love with an officer (Pierre Richard- Wilm).But alas,he is mistaken for a spy and only his rival can save him during his trial.

    Annabella is gorgeous but rather bland and Harry Baur ,left to his own devices,overacts ,probably inspired by Rasputin and his orgies.Richard-Wilm is not very good either.But the story ,adapted from one of Pierre Benoit's ("l'Atlantide" ) extravaganzas ,is fairly entertaining.
  • During the First World war, a tsarist officer and a rich trader quarrel the favours of a young Muscovite. Was staged is too academic and Harry Baur's a little exaggerated interpretation. But the painting of Russia, on the eve of the revolution of 1917, is rather made a success.