Background shots in China supervised by George W. Hill were also used in The Good Earth (1937).

Queen Christina (1933) and The Painted Veil (1934), which were both huge hits in Europe (making twice their budget in the UK alone), but were underwhelming US successes.

Because some preview reviewers felt the opening scenes were much too drawn out, the film was cut and some retakes were made.

Most contemporary reviewers list Beulah Bondi in the role of Frau Koerber, but Bodil Rosing is credited onscreen and is in the movie. She probably replaced Bondi in the retakes. Similarly, Billy Bevan was replaced by Hans von Morhart.

A church facade was added to the standing set known as the French District at MGM. The church became a permanent part of the set and stood until the lot was cleared in the 1970Kirk Kerkorian took control.

This film received its initial USA telecasts in Seattle Saturday 16 February 1957 on KING (Channel 5), in Minneapolis Saturday 23 February 1957 on KMGM (Channel 9), and in Portland OR Saturday 27 March 1957 on KGW (Channel 8); after this time it was withdrawn from television exposure because of the pending release of the remake The Seventh Sin (1957), and did not reappear until a year later when it aired in Indianapolis 17 March 1958 on WLW-I (Channel 13), and then yet another year later in San Antonio 12 March 1959 on WOAI (Channel 4) and in San Francisco 21 September 1959 on KGO (Channel 7); still avoiding competition with the theatrical release of the remake, it was not telecast in Miami until 14 May 1960 on WCKT (Channel 7), in Los Angeles 7 July 1960 on KTTV (Channel 11) and Chicago 26 December 1960 on WBBM (Channel 2). New York City television viewers didn't get a peek at it until 15 December 1962 when WCBS (Channel 2) quietly slipped it into the Late, Late Show.