CHAPTER TITLES: 1. Guns of Doom; 2. Typhoon of Terror; 3. The Leopard Leaps; 4. Trapped by the Enemy; 5. Flaming Tomb; 6. Pursued by Savages; 7. Tracked by the Enemy; 8. Dangerous Depths; 9. The Mummy Walks; 10. The Night Attack; 11. Into the Flames; 12. Confu's Sacred Secret.

The set from The Mummy (1932) is used in Chapter: 5. The Anubis statue is prominently the center of attention in the scene.

In Chapters: 8 and 9, the Dornier Do-X is the seaplane that Pauline and her father take to India and to the USA. The Dornier Do-X is the largest seaplane of its time. Historic newsreel footage is used of this seaplane.

Body count: 7 (3 men, 2 leopards, 1 panther, 1 tiger)