Donald: [Knock at the door] Hey, anybody want to buy a Saturday Evening Post?

Dorothy: No!

Donald: I'm working my way through college. Ha! Oh, you didn't know me. Hello, Phillip. Sylvia. John. And you, young lady.

[Kisses Dorothy]

Dorothy: Ohhh, Brandy before dinner.

Donald: Oh, I only had a couple. I'd a been here earlier, only I...

Dorothy: Only you came later.

Donald: That's right.

Cavendish: John, I hope you're keeping Miss Hunter invisible.

Sylvia: Invisible?

Cavendish: Well, you'd be more comfortable. You see, this isn't Europe. We haven't many celebrities and the richest girl in the world finds she won't have much of a private life.

Donald: [Scratches his shot at the pool table] Ohhh!

Dorothy: Little drunkie, huh?

Donald: Just a little.

Dorothy: Well, I'm not romantic. Its just not my nature. But, I'm awfully glad for you, Donald. I hope you'll be happy.

Donald: Thanks. You're a peach.

Dorothy: [At the pool table] Twenty-five points. Two dollars a point.

Tony: You couldn't make that five dollars a point, could you?

Dorothy: You got it.

Tony: Not yet, but, soon.

Dr. Harvey: May I see your tongue?

Dorothy: Awwww!

Dr. Harvey: Its apparently just a slight cold. There's nothing to be concerned about.

Dorothy: Fine. Well, good day, gentlemen.

Connors: Listen to the Doctor...

Dr. Harvey: Take a small whiskey in bed tonight and bundle up.

Dorothy: Alright, I'll get drunk, just as you say.

Dorothy: Now, were where we?

Tony: Eh, You made a very nice impression on me Tony. A very nice impression.

Dorothy: Yes, a very nice impression. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw this model young man, who was not fawning on wealth, out canoeing with the very girl he just said he wouldn't fawn on. You follow that?

Tony: Oh now, wait a minute, just 'cause she's the richest girl in the world is nothing to hold against her.

Dorothy: That's big of you.

Tony: No, but, you know, every time you hear of a man married to a rich girl you think he's a mucker. Now, I don't believe in that.

Tony: Oh, its possible, I may get married someday. You know how those things are. And who'll I marry?

Dorothy: I don't know.

Tony: Some nice girl, that's who. No, whom. No, who! Some nice girl, that's who. And I'll get to know her and I'll be able to talk to her, you know, like a pal. Like this! Like we're talking.

Dorothy: Yes.

Tony: Certainly!

Dorothy: I'm drinking, Tony, to you marrying the richest girl in the world.

Tony: Ha-ha-ha. You're drunk, baby.

Connors: Well, out with it.

Franey: Yes sir. Anthony Travers, 28. His father is Michael H. Travers, civil engineer, now engaged at Boulder Dam. His mother is Ann Garland, of a Boston family. He has two brothers, one sister. His sister, married to a Boston physician. The boy works in the brokerage offices of J. B. Lauder & Company. He paid income tax last year of 55 hundred dollars. He lives at home. He graduated with an MA from Yale. Average marks.

Tony: I couldn't afford the campaign to get a girl like that.

Dorothy: What do you mean?

Tony: Well, here, for instance, 12 dollars for a steak.

Dorothy: They'll charge that to Miss Hunter.

Tony: You know, to romance a girl like that would cost a fortune.

Dorothy: Isn't it worth it?

Tony: If you hit the bell it would be. But, I've only got 18 hundred dollars to may name. That probably wouldn't even get two full meals, here.

Dorothy: Don't do that.

Tony: Why not?

Dorothy: I don't want you to.

Tony: Oh, yes you do.

Dorothy: Aren't you conceited.

Tony: [Kiss] You're sweet.

Tony: Well, where was Moses when the lights went out?

Sylvia: In the dark.

Connors: Who do you think you are? You're only a woman, just flesh and blood, like everybody else. What makes you think you're so desirable?

Phillip: And, which young lady is just dying to go for a little buggy ride? Huh? Oh, come, come, come, come, come. Up hill and down the hill, in a merry little horse and carriage. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Why, now, have I no takers?