Molly Gray: I bet you're the best football player.

Curley: I can't play football!

Molly Gray: Oh, you heroes are all so modest.

[Curley blushes]

Molly Gray: What I really meant was, what's included in your curriculum?

[Curley looks confused]

Molly Gray: I mean, what do you study?

Curley: Oh... music, songwriting, whatnots.

Molly Gray: Songwriting?

Curley: Yeah. You ever hear of "snow, snow, beautiful snow"?

Molly Gray: Why, yes! Did you write that?

Curley: No, I shoveled it!

Moe: [Curley shows up after Moe and Larry have waited five hours] Where ya been?

Curley: You told me to go to the red light, didn't you?

Moe: And?

Curley: Well, that red light was a bus going to Boston.

Lulu Banks: Girls! I got em, I got em!

Molly Gray: What, the dinner?

Lulu Banks: No, no, the three horsemen... Come in guys, and meet the girls!

Larry: [to Daisy] Honey, will you marry me?

Moe: [to Lulu] Oh toots, I'm telling you you've more than won me!

Curley: Low man again.

[sees Molly]

Curley: Woo, woo, woo!

Joe Stacks: Do you guys want to play football for me?

[takes out wad of money]

Joe Stacks: [Moe and Larry nod. Curley shakes his head no]

Curley: We can't play football.

Joe Stacks: Oh, I get it... You're afraid of losing your amateur status, right?

[the Three Stooges look behind them]

Joe Stacks: That's all right, I'll protect you guys.

Joe Stacks: [waves money at them] Listen... no one will ever see you play... no one will ever hear to play... we'll play behind closed doors. Well, what do you say?

[They all go to take the money]

Moe: Spread out!

[takes money]

Daisy Simms: Don't you know there are ladies present?

[the ladies then get sprayed by the Stooges with spritz]