Larry Fine lost a tooth when a punch was mistimed.

When The Three Stooges as football players pile on to some photographers, director Ray McCarey wanted the Stooges to do the stunt themselves. They refused, saying it was too dangerous and to get stunt men to do it. McCarey assured them they wouldn't be hurt, but they still refused. McCarey got three stunt men to do it, and two of the three (the one doubling for Curly had worn extra padding for the portrayal which protected him), as well as the actors playing the photographers, wound up with broken arms and legs.

Curly Howard broke a leg after riding down the dumbwaiter.

Later in her career, when this short was brought up, Lucille Ball (apparently referring to the seltzer squirting scene) would remark, "The only thing I learned from The Three Stooges was how to duck!" noting, "I still got wet!"

Lucille Ball appears with blond hair in her only The Three Stooges short.

Moe Howard once called this short "a humdinger of bangs and bruises".

This is the first of several shorts from The Three Stooges involving a dumbwaiter, usually involving Curly Howard accidentally destroying the floor of the elevator, causing injury to Larry Fine and Moe Howard (and to himself in real life, on two separate occasions). The dumbwaiter would reappear in Nutty But Nice (1940). This is also the first of 16 Stooge shorts using the word "three" in the title.

There was no attempt to hide the venue, Gilmore Stadium, as its name on the scoreboard appears in several shots. There is also a shot that includes a billboard for Gilmore Oil, including its trademark symbol, a lion.

A planned ending scene had the Horsemen, years later, telling the story to their sons. It is unknown if this scene was filmed, but publicity photos exist of The Three Stooges, each with a young actor, made up to resemble their older counterparts.

For the football game, Moe's jersey number is H2O2 (the abbreviation for hydrogen peroxide), Larry's is 1/2, and Curly's is a question mark "?".

The football teams listed on the scoreboard are in fact the names of two actual baseball teams, the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago Cubs.

Gilmore Stadium in Los Angeles, where the game was filmed, was built in 1934 and had a seating capacity of 18,000. It was demolished in 1952.

Production #156.

At 00:00:57, Joe Stacks' phone rings, and his number appears as YORK-2735. YORK's first three letters is the 967 prefix. Therefore, 967-2735 is/was the the phone number, of Joe Stacks.

On the opening kickoff, after Moe catches the kick, there are seven "laterals" and one handoff.