Mrs. Norwood: Don't ring, darling, you might wake the servants. You know, I practically adjust my life to suit theirs. But I don't mind, really, it's part of the New Plan or New Deal, whatever you call it, and I, I don't mind, it keeps me young and patriotic.

Sharon Norwood: Why did you lie to me?

James 'Jim' Branch: If you were looking at what I'm looking at you'd know why I lied to you.

Hank Parr: You got a mind like Einstein, boss.

James 'Jim' Branch: Thanks!

Hank Parr: I mean Mac Einstein, that runs the lunchroom down on Beesy Street.

James 'Jim' Branch: I wonder what could have been his reason for killing her?

Detective Room Guard: Well, they were married!

James 'Jim' Branch: That's reason often enough, isn't it?

[both laugh]