The picture has no original score but Edward Ward composed music for the trailer.

Only screen pairing of MGM stars Constance Bennett and Clark Gable - although Gable had a supporting role in Bennett's The Easiest Way (1931).

When Jim mentions quintuplets while visiting with Sharon after the play, and is holding five pieces of fruit in his arm, he is referring to the famous The Dionne Quintuplets, born in Canada the year before this film was released.

The bridge in the background at the Riverview Club terrace is the Queensboro Bridge over the East River and Roosevelt Island, connecting Queens and Manhattan at East 59th Street.

The car Sharon drives is a 1926 Dusenberg Model A with custom coachwork by Bud Lyons of Hollywood in 1934. As of 2013 the car had been restored and was for sale with an asking price of $695,000.

This film was first telecast in Los Angeles Thursday 21 February 1957 on KTTV (Channel 11); it first aired in Chicago 25 April 1957 on WBBM (Channel 2), in Norfolk VA 15 May 1957 on WTAR (Channel 3), in Minneapolis 21 June 1957 on KMGM (Channel 9), in Seattle 23 June 1957 on KING (Channel 5), in Portland OR 9 July 1957 on KGW (Channel 8), in Hartford CT 20 August 1957 on WHCT (Channel 18), and in Indianapolis 8 November 1957 on WLW-I (Channel 13); its initial airings in San Francisco occurred 3 June 1958 on KGO (Channel 7), in Philadelphia 15 July 1958 on WFIL (Channel 6), and in Altoona PA 9 January 1959 on WFBG (Channel 10); its television premiere in New York City occurred 1 July 1959 on WCBS (Channel 2).

This film was a hit at the box office, earning MGM a profit of $492,000 ($9.1M in 2018) according to studio records.

Sidney Lanfield was originally signed to direct.