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  • drednm11 April 2008
    Marjroie Rambeau stars as a former stage star who now runs a theatrical boarding house full of eccentric actors and a struggling song writer (Lawrence Gray). Turmoil ensues when she gets a letter from her daughter (Florinne McKinney) who's been away at boarding school so she won't get tainted by the acting bug.

    It's love at first sight for Gray and McKinney, but she has a society boy friend in the wings. When one of McKinney's society friends decides to "put on a show" for charity, they immediately hire Gray (his big break) to do the music and the whole household gets in on the act.

    McKinney is a cluck because she never catches on that the household and her mother are stage people. Only when she freezes on stage and Rambeau comes out to deliver a speech does McKinney get it.

    Very minor B film but with some interesting actors, including Rambeau and Gray (who has a nice singing voice). Berton Churchill plays the old ham actor, Inez Courtney and Fuzzy Knight are the song-and-dance couple. John Warburton is the dull boy friend. Kitty Kelly is the blonde with the seal. Mary Forbes is a society matron. And Christine Marston does an extended and lurching rumba.